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Cabbie Alexander Krasavin, 54, is arrested in £17.7K contract killing plot, after Russian police staged murder scene to trick him into thinking hitman he hired had slit his ex-wife’s throat

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Russian cab driver Alexander Krasavin, 54, arrested this week in a scheme to buy the contract killing of his ex-wife

After Russian police staged the murder scene to trick him into thinking hitman had slit his ex-wife’s throat

Alex Krasavin took out a $20,240 bank loan to finance a hit on his ex-wife 46-year-oldNina

He solicitated a workmate to murder his estranged wife Nina with whom he shhares a nine-year-old daughter

The alleged gunman contact police who set up the sting

Russian police created a bogus staged the murder of Nina, Krasavin’s ex-wife to trick him

The 54-year-old part-time taxi driver had asked a colleague to murder Nina, 46

Police used a makeup artist to make it appear as though Nina had been killed

After receiving photos of the purported murder, Krasavin withdrew $17,787 to pay for the killing

At this point, officers swooped in and put Krasavin in handcuffs to arrest him

A ‘dead’ Nina was staged ffor the benefit of her ex-husband. The part-time taxi driver was caught out by police trying to pay nearly $17.8k to have his ex-wife killed after officers staged a fake murder scene

A part-time taxi driver was caught in a police sting as he was about to pay $17,787 to have his ex-wife killed, after officers staged a fake murder scene.    
Alexander Krasavin, 54, was taken into custody in Russia after the target of the murder-for-hire plot, his former spouse cooperated with detectives in a charade staged to her own ‘murder’. Police created the scene to look like she had been killed as he had ordered.
According to Police, the ploy worked, as Krasavin, after seeing photographs of the ‘dead woman’ and receiving an agreed text message of ‘You have a dentist’s appointment’, paid the balance of the agreed fee to the work mate he had hired as assassin.
At that moment, officers moved in stop his car detain him and put him in handcuffs.

Police secretly transported Nina from her home to a professional movie make-up artist who staged her her to appear like she’d been killed so then fake photographs were produced

Police officers had stealthily transported the target from her home to a professional make-up artist to create the illusion of a murder victim, after which photographs off the bogus narrative was produced.
Krasavin’s ex-wife Nina Krasavina , 46, had been taken to a big-screen make-up specialists so it appeared her throat had been slit.
The stunned target later expressed shock at the behavior of her former husband, considering that although they were divorced, she thought they had a good relationship raising their daughter, now nine.

Russian cabbie snagged in contract hit on estranged wife

‘I can’t believe that all this is possible – I still had feelings for him, she said. ‘And I’m not afraid that I could be dead, but I am afraid that he planned all this…
‘He saw my photo looking dead – and he accepted it? He believed that I was killed and thought – thank God?
‘What about our daughter? How could he live with this load?’

The stunned target, Nina Krasavina expressed shocked at the dastardly plot cooked up by her ex-husband, considering their cordial relationship even after the divorce while co-parenting their nine-year-old daughter

Krasavin worked as a bus technician, and a taxi-driver part time in St Petersburg.
Police say he had asked a colleague to kill his ex-wife, and the man initially thought it was a joke.
When Krasavin kept asking him, he went to the police, and a plan was hatched to fake the killing to entrap him.
The Krasavin took a $20,524 bank loan and paid his colleague $4,104 for ‘expenses’ preparing the murder, agreeing to pay another $13, 682 when the murder was completed.
He kept another $2,736 for himself.
In recordings, Krasavin said he would work as a taxi driver on Monday this week, the day chosen for the hit, to provide an alibi.

Alex Krasavin and Nina Krasavina seen together back when they were still married. Krasavin has been arrested for trying to arrange for the murder of his ex-wife
Nina has denied her ex-husband’s claims that there were problems spending time with their daughter seen [photo, with Krasavin] after their divorce 

Nina said police arrived unannounced at her home, taking her away by force to a make-up artist at a movie-making studio.
She could not believe what she was told.
‘I spent the whole day in the criminal investigation department with the thought that this was a joke,’ she said.
The operation was so secret that Nina was barred contact with her children, including two from her previous relationship, and they reported her missing to police – who began a search.

During the arrest police forced Krasavin to stop his car before being ‘knocked’ to the ground and placed in handcuffs

Nina denied his claims that there were problems spending time with their daughter after the split.
‘I feel sorry for him as a woman, that he did not have a long-term relationship. And I blame myself for that. I think it’s my fault, too, that he ordered the murder.
‘I don’t even have a grudge against him.
‘I have no idea what it will be like for him in prison. It hurts me a lot from the fact that he will be there. I cried when they showed me the video of him being detained.
‘I could not watch him being knocked down on the ground. The fact that he was lying on the ground already hurt me.’
She said he had not agreed when she went to court for a raise in alimony to support their daughter.
He had switched from being a bus driver to a technician on lower pay to reduce his payment, she said.

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