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Ex-NYPD officer sentenced to four years in murder plot, to serve five months ONLY – Valerie Cincinelli was convicted after enlisting her boyfriend to find a hitman to murder her husband, and her lover’s teen daughter

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Female police officer Valerie Cincinelli, 37, is sentenced to four years for hiring hitman to kill her husband and boyfriend’s daughter

The Ex-NYPD cop was accused of offering her boyfriend $7,000 to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband, Isiah Carvalho Ex-NYPD

Her boyfriend John DiRubba turned on her and informed the intended target, when she asked to have his 13-year-old daughter added to the hit list

Secretly recorded video shows her receiving staged photo of her husband’s execution in FBI sting operation

Cincinelli was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice

With credit for 30 months served in jail and good behavior, she could be released to house arrest in five months

Cincinelli was initially charged with murder-for-hire, which could have landed her in prison for up to 40 years

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Ex-cop Valerie Cincinelli, 37 (left), was sentenced on Friday to 48 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with a plot to have her estranged husband, Isaiah Carvalho, [right], killed.

A former NYPD officer switched roles from cop to convict Friday, when she received a four-year prison sentence after she was convicted for a murder-for-hire plot targeting her estranged husband.
Prosecutors in New York have released astonishing video showing a former NYPD police officer reacting with fury after a hit man she hired to murder her ex-husband and her new boyfriend’s 13-year-old daughter sent incriminating text messages confirming the hit.
Valerie Cincinelli, 37, pled guilty in April to a single count of obstruction of justice as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors.
She was sentenced on Friday to four years in prison in connection with the botched plot, which fell apart when the boyfriend, John DiRubba, was arrested for a different crime when he then began cooperating with authorities and gave up the plot.
He told the intended target of the plot, Isaiah Carvalho, and worked with him to stage the photos to show Cincinelli the contract was executed. 
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It was for the money prosecutors said explaining motives behind double murder scheme by New York police Officer Valerie Cincinelli who is charged with enlisting her […]
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Murder-for-hire initiator, former NYC police officer Valerie Cincinelli is seen being led into court. On Friday she was sentenced to four years for planning a double ‘hit’ on her ex-husband, and her new boyfriend’s 13-year-old daughter
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John DiRubba, Cincinelli’s boyfriend, cooperated with police and he and Carvalho agreed to stage the photo, showing Carvalho’s ‘murder’
Police sting video captures then moment Cincinelli’s receives confirmation of that her husband Isaiah Carvalho ‘s ‘murder
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The former NYPD officer was captured on video receiving the hitman’s confirmation – Former NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli reacts [photo], with fury to the hit man sending her a message confirming the murder
Cincinelli is seen in a video clip, played to the court, being told that the hit man has texted confirmation that the murder has been carried out – sending a request for a further $3,000 payment, and a photo of the ‘dead’ man.
Former cop Valerie Cincinelli, seen [left] with husband Isaiah Carvalho and her daughter from a previous relationship, could be out of prison in five months after receiving credit for time served and good behavior 

In the clip, played to the court, DiRubba and Cincinelli are inside a house and DiRubba tells her that the hit man has sent him a text message, seemingly confirming that the murder of Carvalho has been carried out.
An angry Cincinelli, an NYPD officer for 12 years, serving at the 106th Precinct in Queens, tells DiRubba that the hit man was ‘a f****** retard’ for sending the text.
‘He just texted me,’ says DiRubba.
‘Are you kidding me?’ says Cincinelli, leaping up from the sofa to come closer to DiRubba and see the message.
‘Three thousand all done,’ DiRubba replies, reading the message.
‘Why would he f****** text you that?’ she asks. ‘Is he f****** stupid?’
The text appears to be accompanied by the photo that DiRubba arranged for the ex-husband to stage, with him lying prostrate in a car, his face obscured.

Super act: Video released by FBI shows Cincinneli’s reaction after being told her husband was killedShe’s been accused of shedding crocodile tears after finding out her ex-husband was killed, as she’d requested

‘Oh my God,’ says DiRubba. ‘Look at the f****** glass.’
Cincinelli is less interested in the photo of her ‘dead’ ex-husband that in her own risk of being caught.
DiRubba says he is going to ‘erase it quick’, but Cincinelli says it is not enough, and both their phones will automatically be subpoenaed and searched as part of the investigation into the killing.
‘It doesn’t matter,’ Cincinelli tells DiRubba. ‘Are you f****** dumb?’
She continues: ‘They are going to get these f****** texts, you dumbass. They can subpoena these photos.’
He says he will throw the phone away, but Cincinelli, incredulously, says that they will still be traceable.
‘Is this guy a f****** retard?’ she asks DiRubba. 

John DiRubba, [Left] Cincinelli’s boyfriend, turned on her after she plotted to have his teenage daughter killed. DiRubba is seen in court, having worn a wire on FBI orders that ultimately led to Cincinelli’s conviction

DiRubba can be heard in the tapes expressing doubt about the killings, but Cincinelli pressed him to forge ahead.
The court was also played audio of Cincinelli and DiRubba coldly discussing the plans for the double murder. 
‘It’s going to happen this weekend,’ DiRubba can be heard telling Cincinelli, in audio played to the court and released by prosecutors.
‘I hope so,’ Cincinelli replies.
DiRubba then says that he is concerned about the planned double murder, saying that having her ex-husband and his daughter die on the same weekend might look suspicious.
‘I’m really stressed out about it and you think it’s like a f****** joke,’  DiRubba says.
‘Why are you stressed out about it?’ Cincinelli asks.
DiRubba replies: ‘I think Isaiah and Tori, it’s very suspicious on one f****** weekend they are both dead.’
Cincinelli calmly replies: ‘OK, so take care of yours, and then wait a month.’
DiRubba says: ‘Take care of my daughter this weekend, kill her this weekend and f****** then wait a month for him?’ ‘Yeah,’ Cincinelli replies. 
DiRubba continues to express concern, and Cincinelli, exasperated, says: ‘You say that every weekend for the past month.’ 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is John-DiRubba-3.jpg
DiRubba can be heard in the tapes expressing doubt about the killings, but Cincinelli pressed him to forge ahead

On Friday, a judge sentenced Cincinelli to 48 months in federal prison, but with credit for time served and good behavior, she could be released to house arrest in five months. 
Cincinelli’s ex-husband and the target of the thwarted plot, Isaiah Carvalho, was present during sentencing.  **It is unclear at this time whether he spoke in court.
As part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to drop two murder-for-hire charges against Cincinelli. 
Had the case gone to trial and resulted in a conviction, the ex-cop could have faced up to 40 years in prison.  Prosecutors said they would have introduced evidence that included audio and video recordings in which Cincinelli was heard discussing the murderous plot with her then-boyfriend, John DiRubba.
The prosecutors instead released the audio and video after the sentencing.
Ahead of Friday’s hearing in Central Islip, the US Justice Department released a sentencing memo, which called for 60 months in prison for Cincinelli because of the ‘violent nature of her crimes’ and her position as a police officer, Newsday first reported. 
‘Cincinelli was, at all relevant times, an active and willing participant in the murder-for-hire scheme,’ the memo stated. 
‘And despite her numerous and repeated protestations to the contrary, responsibility for Cincinelli’s words and actions cannot lie with DiRubba, his daughter, or Carvalho.’ 

Isiah Carvalho 2
The intended target Isaiah Carvalho [photo]was present Friday for sentencing hearing for the ex-wife who tried to have him killed

Two years ago Cincinelli and Carvalho were in the middle of a bitter divorce and custody battle when the NYPD cop asked DiRubba, whom she called a ‘sugar daddy,’ to hire a hitman to kill the husband.
She said she’d pay $7,000. 
She also wanted DiRubba’s 13-year-old daughter killed because, according to prosecutors, the teenager complained that she was spending too much of her father’s money.
DiRubba told police about the plot after being arrested for an unrelated crime. He then cooperated with them to snare Cincinelli. 
Cincinelli was initially charged with murder-for-hire and obstruction, but as part of the plea deal the two most serious charges were dismissed. 
During her plea hearing in April, Cincinelli told a judge: ‘I deleted images on an iPhone with the attempt to obstruct a grand jury investigation into charges of murder for hire.
‘I know that what I did was wrong and I’m truly sorry, your honor.’
The images she was referring to are believed to be faked photos of her ex dead that her boyfriend sent her.
Cincinelli then sobbed that she hadn’t seen her son for two years, since she was taken into custody. 

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