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Dismissed Baltimore cop, his two kidnapped daughters, aged six and seven, and accomplice are all found dead inside car on Maryland road after five day manhunt

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Fired Baltimore cop, his two kidnapped daughters, aged six and seven, and accomplice are all found dead inside car on Maryland road after five day manhunt

Ex-Baltimore County police officer Robert Vicosa, 42, has reportedly been found dead along with his two young daughters and accomplice Sgt. Tina Bynum, 36

Vicosa and Bynum triggered a five-day manhunt for kidnapping s Aminah, 6, and Giana, 7, from their Pennsylvania home

Vicosa had reportedly been found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the other three also suffered from gunshot wounds

One of the daughters was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead

The crashed vehicle, which was stolen earlier today, has been surrounded by Smithburg Police in western Maryland

Vicosa was facing charges of kidnapping, assault and robbery while Bynum was facing charges of false imprisonment.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Robert-Vicosa-left-and-Tia-Bynum-right-1.jpg
Ex-Baltimore police officer Robert Vicosa, [left], had allegedly carried out a second kidnapping and held the victim at gunpoint on Wednesday morning in Cockeysville, Maryland with former BPB colleague and accomplice Tia Bynum, [right]. The pair were found dead inside a crashed car on Thursday along with Vicosa’s two young daughters

A terminated Baltimore police officer wanted for the kidnap of his two young daughters was found dead along with the girls he’d kidnapped, inside a crashed vehicle Thursday in a suspected murder-suicide, after a five-day manhunt.
Also found dead in the car was female police officer on suspension from the BPD, and alleged to be an accomplice.
Robert Vicosa, 42, formerly of the Baltimore police department had taken his daughters Aminah, 6, and Giana, 7, from their Windsor, Pennsylvania home on Sunday. He was accompanied by Sgt. Tina Bynum, 36, a recently suspended member of the Baltimore County Police Department. 
Smithburg Police had been in pursuit of Vicosa and Bynum inside a stolen vehicle when is crashed in Maryland. 

Vicosa had kidnapped his daughters Aaminah, six, and Giana Vicosa, seven, from their Windsor, Pennsylvania home on Sunday. They were reportedly last seen on Tuesday at 11.49am 
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Robert-Vicosa-Tina-Bynum-Aminah-Viscosa-and-Giana-Viscosa-were-all-found-dead-inside-a-crashed-car-1.jpg
Robert Vicosa, Tina Bynum, Aminah Viscosa and Giana Viscosa were all found dead inside a crashed car on Thursday afternoon after Vicosa sparked a five-day manhunt after kidnapping his two young daughters, aged six and seven

Vicosa had kidnapped his daughters Aaminah, six, and Giana Vicosa, seven, from their Windsor, Pennsylvania home on Sunday. They were reportedly last seen on Tuesday at 11.49am 
Maryland State Police spokeswoman Elena Russo said a crisis negotiation team tried to approach the car, but smoke from the car made it difficult to see inside.  
Vicosa was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Baltimore police confirmed that the three others passengers were found with gunshot wounds.
One of the girls had been transported to a nearby hospital in Hagerstown, where she was later pronounced dead. 

A heavy police presence has been reported with helicopters and trucks surrounding the area

The five-day manhunt began after Vicosa held the girl’s mother captive at gunpoint at the home on Friday as she was tied up by her wrists and ankles.
Sgt. Tina Bynum who has now been suspended, was said to be with Vicosa after they were seen on Wednesday afternoon in Cockeysville, Maryland.
The pair allegedly kidnapped a male victim at gunpoint and demanded he drive them to various areas in Baltimore County. The male victim was later found to be unharmed.
The victim had told CBS that he was ‘worried about the little girls’ in the car and felt exhausted after the ordeal was over.   
Vicosa was charged with kidnapping, assault and robbery with Bynum was also charged for false imprisonment.   
The pair had previously worked together at the Baltimore County Police Department before he was terminated in August for sleeping on the job and insubordination.
Bynum, who worked for the department for 14 years, was suspended from her position on Tuesday as she also reportedly had a record of disciplinary problems. 

Maryland State Police spokeswoman Elena Russo confirmed that all four people inside the car suffered gunshot wounds and that one of the young girls was transferred to a nearby hospital where she died

Police believe that Bynum had allegedly helped Vicosa keep his estranged wife captive at the Windsor home the weekend before the girls were kidnapped, according to York Daily Record.
His wife had been invited to the home for her birthday celebration with her two daughters on Friday night. 
After the girls went to bed, Vicosa enticed his wife with a present which he claimed to be a ‘bracelet.’
She was then grabbed by the arms by both Vicosa and Bynum and had a gun placed to her head by her husband, an affidavit said.
The pair tied her up by the wrists and ankles after leading her into the basement.
According to police, the restraints were untied at some point.
The wife had begged her husband to go back to her home on Sunday morning to get her clothes and computer after convincing him she wanted to stay. 
She then went home to tell her mother about the assault before going to a Target in Springettsbury Township to seek help.
The wife reported the weekend assault on Sunday to local police where she claimed she had been forced to take drugs, touch firearms and even was sexually assaulted by Vicosa. 

After Robert Vicosa took his daughters, the girls were featured on a missing and endangered list with their kidnapping date reported as Sunday. Robert Vicosa is believed to be driving Bynum’s 2013 Black Lexus G50 with Pennsylvania license plate number KPK2076

Bynum had allegedly held items for Vicosa while his wife was being held captive. The wife also told the department that she believed Vicosa had tracking devices on her phone and vehicle.
The victim’s mother had also told police that she received texts from her daughter over the weekend with pictures of her granddaughters at the home on Friday night as well being told that they were staying at the home overnight.
She thought it was strange as she claimed her daughter was scared of Vicosa and also said that the texts did not match up to way her daughter talked. 
The mother had been originally told by her daughter that she was going out to buy ingredients to make fudge on Friday.
The ingredients were still on the counter on Saturday morning and discovered that Vicosa had driven her daughter to his home after checking security footage.
The victim’s brother also said he received a text from his sister on Saturday claiming that she was okay after he found at she was at Vicosa’s home.
According to the affidavit, Vicosa had threatened to kill his wife, his two young daughters, and himself over the weekend.  
Police obtained a warrant to search Vicosa’s but discovered that he and both his daughters were gone. 
The children were been taken by Vicosa in a black Acura that belonged to a relative of Bynum.  
Police tracked Vicosa’s location to Bynum’s home on Monday and were denied the opportunity to search her residence.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt begged Bynum to return the girls to safety at a press conference on Thursday

Vicosa then allegedly stole another vehicle on Tuesday after he crashed the Acura into a canal. He and the two children then spent a night in a vacant camper. 
The owner of the camper had come to the property the next day where she was held at gunpoint by Vicosa.  
He took the keys to her silver Volkswagen Jetta as well as her cellphone before heading off with the girls. 
Police later tracked the location of the vehicle only to discover it was empty. The woman had both her vehicle and cellphone returned to her after it was found.
Cops then tracked Vicosa to Bynum’s home, and after obtaining a search warrant they entered the home only to find it empty. Bynum and her vehicle were both missing.
Police say they believe the vehicle to be a black 2013 Lexus G350 with Pennsylvania state license plate number KPK2076. 
Maryland State Police spokesperson Elena Russo said Pennsylvania State Police began a pursuit Thursday afternoon for a car that matched the description of a suspect vehicle. The vehicle was traveling south on Ringgold Pike at the Maryland-Pennsylvania Line, where Maryland State Police were waiting.

Maryland Gov Larry Hogan lamented the loss of the two youngest victims
York Area Regional Police Lt. Ken Schollenberger had previously pleaded Vicosa to bring the girls home at a conference on Wednesday morning

The two young girls Aaminah and Giana were last seen on Tuesday at 11.49am in Windsor. 
Both Vicosa and Bynum are being begged to return the two young girls to safety.
‘Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of (Vicosa’s daughters) Giana and Aaminah. Please get these two innocent and precious children to a safe location,’ Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said at a press conference. 
‘We want to work with you on a safe and peaceful resolution.’
The girls’ mother had also previously written a statement of her own which was read at a conference on Wednesday. 
‘I am anxiously awaiting their return,’ the letter had read. ‘I miss them and love them and need them home.’  
An Amber Alert had not yet been issued for the girls because officers needed to have a clear idea of what car Vicosa was driving. 

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