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Texas school board accused by parents of covering up the charges against married school superintendent accused of assaulting his mistress when she refused to get an abortion, FINALLY place embattled educator on administrative leave

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Newly hired Texas school superintendent Hafedh Azaiez has been put on administrative leave after being accused of assaulting his mistress when she refused to get an abortion

Azaiez, who is married with children, allegedly accused his mistress of three years of trying to destroy his career and family 

The complainant alleges and the Round Rock Independent School Superintendent had been having the extra-marital affair since 2018

The now pregnant, the unnamed mistress who has been described as a long term educator from the Austin area, has accused him of coercion in an attempt get her to abort their baby

When she insisted on keeping their unborn child, her married lover, school’s Superintendent, Azaiez, then assaulted her, the complainant alleges 

The accuser filed for a protective order against Azaiez in July 2021, accusing him of violence and intimidation 

Azaiez was hired as superintendent in June 2021, signing a three-year contract with $350,000 annual salary 

Protective order application alleged Azaiez bragged to his mistress that then-School Board President Amy Weir would ‘protect him’

Concerned parents Dustin Clark and Jeremy Story, on seperate occasions were arrested after interrupting School Board meetings demanding Azaiez and School Board President Amy Weir, resign

Both protesters were charged with hindering proceeding by disorderly conduct

Azaiez has not been criminally, neither has Amy Weir been accused of professional misconduct

While denying that the assault ever happened, his lawyer claims that Azaiez and his mistress have ‘amicably’ reached a confidential settlement agreement

Round Rock Independent School Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez [photo], is on a paid administrative leave after being accused of trying to get his mistress to abort their baby and then assaulting her last year

A Texas school superintendent is on an administrative leave after being accused by his mistress of trying to force her to abort their baby and then assaulting her when she refused, prompting the woman to obtain a protective order against him.
The scandal in the Round Rock Independent School District has been brewing for months, and it has since come to encompass allegations of a coverup by a former school board president and the silencing of the board’s critics.
Two fathers from Round Rock were arrested last year after bringing up allegations of misconduct against Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez during public school board meetings.  
An independent investigation into Azaiez’s conduct had been launched in January 2022, but the final report is still pending and will not be released until March following a 5-2 vote by the school board to extend the deadline.

Round Rock father Jeremy Strong is pictured being removed from a school board meeting in August, 2021, after bringing up a protective order against Azaiez

This comes against the backdrop of allegations against Azaiez that first surfaced last summer and sparked months of incidents that made national headlines.
At a public meeting in August, Azaiez and a majority of the seven-member board ordered district police officers to remove a father who testified about the allegations.
At a public meeting in September, they blocked citizens outside the lecture hall and removed another father who spoke out. Afterward, the board even coordinated with the county sheriff’s office to arrest those two concerned parents, then tried to censure the two trustees who dissented.

Concerned Parents arrested after trying to expose School District superintendent over the attack on his mistress – Video shows Jeremy Strong being removed from Round Rock Independent School District school board meeting, Aug 2021

Azaiez, who previously served as superintendent in the Donna Independent School District, was hired by the Road Rock School Board in June 2021, signing a three-year contract offering a $350,000 annual salary.
But just weeks after Azaiez assumed his new post, his alleged mistress filed a protective order, accusing the him of pressurizing her to terminate her pregnancy to protect his career and reputation, then physically assaulting her when she refused to go along with the suggestion to abort their child.
When the school district learned of the allegations against Azaiez five months later, it hired an independent investigator and placed the superintendent on paid administrative leave.
No criminal charges have been filed against Azaiez, and the protective order against him has expired.
The application for the protective order was filed in the Travis County Court on July 28, 2021, by a woman who described herself as ‘an educator and a school leader’ pursuing a doctorate, reported Texas Scorecard.
New documents, reported by the paper, reveal more details of the domestic violence accusations levelled against Hafedh Azaiez, shortly after he was hired by the Round Rock Independent School District, as well as the school board’s efforts to cover it up and protect him.

Dustin Clark, who has children in the Round Rock district, was arrested [photo], in Sept. after speaking out against Azaiez during a meeting

The superintendent’s ex-mistress claimed that the pair had been in an on-again, off-again extramarital relationship from September 2018 and June 2021.  The mistress, who has not been named, described Azaiez as manipulative, controlling and ‘very rough’ in their intimacy. She claimed that Azaiez, who was married, told her he was estranged from his wife and was only waiting for his children to grow up to file for a divorce. 
The superintendent’s lover wrote in her affidavit that she told Azaiez about her pregnancy on June 24, 2021, after he had just signed the contract naming him Round Rock’s new superintendent. 
According to the filing, Azaiez blamed the woman for their affair and pregnancy, and then allegedly started to threaten her on phone calls and in text messages.
‘He asked me to have an abortion so he would not lose his career and family. I was very upset at this, and I said no to an abortion and told him that I had made up my mind to have the child,’ the woman, who was nine weeks pregnant at the time, wrote.
‘He said this child was a mistake and so was I, he wanted nothing to do with this child, he did not want it,’ she continued. ‘He said I was lying, and he was not the father of the child.’
The woman insisted she was ‘one hundred percent sure’ Azaiez was the father, because she was faithful to him for the entire duration of their three-year relationship.
‘He was very worried about the possibility of losing his job,’ the mistress wrote.
‘He was very angry and accused me of doing this on purpose to destroy his career and family.’
The statement reads.
“Just the week prior, he told me he wanted to be with me and said he needed to process how to go about this. As soon as I told him I was pregnant, he then blamed me for the affair.”
Attached to the declaration is a screenshot of a text message exchange between Azaiez and the woman.
“This baby has a heartbeat. I will not kill it,” she said.
“For the last time I am telling you please get an abortion you don’t know what you are getting yourself into,” Azaiez replied.
“I have a lot to lose and I will not let you make me lose everything. you need to get rid of it I don’t want it. You did this on purpose to make me lose it all and now you are using it to make me defamation.”
A few days later, she wrote that Azaiez started to intimidate her ‘by telling me he was in a position of power…he then said no one would believe me if I said he was the father and that he would tell everyone I was crazy and make me look crazy.’
The mistress said she repeatedly implored Azaiez to inform the school board of her pregnancy, but she claimed the newly hired superintendent bragged to her that then-School Board President Amy Weir ‘had offered to protect him, she was informing him of everything and guaranteed him he would not lose his job,’ according to the court document.

Azaiez according to the mistress boasted that School Board President Amy Weir [photo], was on his side, and would protect him from misconduct accusations 

The petitioner continued: ‘In the past I had heard conversations between him and the school board preside plotting things and keeping things from other school board members.’
The mom-to-be added that she felt ‘very intimidated’ by Weir.
The filing alleged that on July 6, Azaiez called his mistress, accusing her of informing the school board of her pregnancy behind his back. He allegedly reiterated that Weir would protect him and the woman ‘was going to pay for him losing his career and family.’
Later that same day, Azaiez allegedly came to his pregnant girlfriend’ home and again tried to convince her to get an abortion, but she refused.
‘He became so angry he grabbed my arms with force, shaking me and shoving me until he threw me to the floor,’ she claimed.
When the woman threatened to call the police, she said Azaiez took away her phone, but then told her he did not mean to do this and left.
The woman claimed that after the attack, she developed a bleeding and was told by her doctor that she could miscarry. It’s unclear at this time whether the woman brought the pregnancy to term.

Azaiez [photo], and his pregnant mistress have ‘amicably’ reached a confidential settlement agreement his attorney told Fox, but it’s not clear weather that is enough to save his job. He was hired as superintendent in June 2021, on a three-year contract worth $350,000 pa

According to the protective order application, the mistress feared for the baby’s life and hers after an intruder broke into her home in the Austin area in mid-July and stole items containing her personal information, including her iPad, laptop, and journals, but not her jewelry, cash or other valuables.
‘I believe the break-in was Mr Azaiez gathering my personal items that might expose him and prove that this relationship was true and an possible evidence I may have to support the existence of the relationship and his threatening behaviors,’ she claimed.
The woman added she was forced to leave her home and temporarily move in with a friend for fear of retaliation from Azaiez.
‘I feel like my life is in danger and need protection from him,’ she wrote. ‘if this situation were to come to light, I fear he will lose it and retaliate against me and hurt me in a worse way.’
Azaiez has not been charged neither for the assault nor for the burglary at his girlfriend’s home.
His attorney told Fox News Digital that she has ‘incontrovertible’ evidence proving that the assault never happened, but she did not say what it is. She also revealed that Azaiez and his mistress have ‘amicably’ reached a confidential settlement agreement. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dustin-Clark-left-and-Jeremy-Strong-right-1-1.jpg
Concerned parents Dustin Clark [left] and Jeremy Story [right], both were arrested and charged with hindering proceeding by disorderly conduct, after interrupting School Board meetings demanding Azaiez and Weir resign

During a school board meeting in August 2021, Jeremy Story, a father of seven who lives in the Round Rock district, brought up the protective order against Azaiez, prompting then-Board President Weir to cut him off. Police then escorted the parent out of the meeting. 
Weir, who has since been replaced as board president but remains on the board, previously denied any attempts to silence Story. 
On September 14, Dustin Clark, a father of four children attending schools in the Round Rock district, spoke at a school board meeting and also mentioned the allegations of misconduct against Azaiez, resulting in his removal from the venue, which he said could accommodate 300 people but had only 18 chairs set up for the meeting.  
School district officials blamed COVID restrictions on the reduced capacity. 
Three days later, both Story and Clark were arrested by the sheriff’s office on charges of hinder proceeding by disorderly conduct.
Story called on the school board to investigate its own members, but the board recently voted 5-2 against such an investigation. 
Clark, who spent three days in jail, railed against Weir and other board members for allegedly suppressing and intimidating community members who seek to expose Azaiez’s alleged misconduct, and he demanded that both the superintendent and Weir ‘do the right thing’ and resign.   
The Austin American Statesman reports that the final report of the investigation into Azaiez is expected to be released on March 8.

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