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New York escort, Angelina Barini, 43, is jailed for 30 years for the fatal drugging of four clients with fentanyl, including Cipriani head chef Andrea Zamperoni, and robbing the dying men

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NYC prostitute Angelina Barini, in a plea deal reached with prosecutors in August, admitted to drugging four of her male clients, who subsequently died, in the summer of 2019

Barini, 43, of Queens, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after her conviction of fatally drugging the victims with fentanyl and the ‘date rape’ drug GBL

Italian-born chef Andrea Zamperoni, 33, of New York’s Cipriani Dolci, was among the victims

Zamperonis body was found wrapped in sheets inside a garbage bin at the Kemway Lodge, a motel in Elmhurst, Queens

Prosecutors said Barini by her admission, met with the men as a sex worker, then drugged the victims in order to knock them out and rob them 

Her accomplice in the scheme was ex-boyfriend Leslie Lescano, 44, aka ‘Ken Ween’, who has been charged with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance

New York prostitute Angelina Barini, 43, [photo], cried in court on Tuesday as she was sentenced to 30 years. convicted of fatally distributing fentanyl and the ‘date rape’ drug GBL to four men, including chef Andrea Zamperoni, in the summer of 2019, so she could rob them

A Queens prostitute was sentenced to 30 years for fatally drugging four men with fentanyl in 2019 so she could rob them. The crime wave included the robbery and overdose death of Cipriani Dolci head chef Andrea Zamperoni at a motel, federal prosecutors had stated.
Escort Angelina Barini, 43, cried in court on Tuesday as she admitted distributing fentanyl and ‘date rape’ drug GBL to four men, including Italian-born chef Andrea Zamperoni, 33.
The aim was knocking the targets unconscious and robbing them, but Barini ended up killing her Johns in four known cases.

Chef Andrea Zamperoni’s body was in a garbage bin wrapped in bleach-stained sheets, found three days after he vanished

Prosecutor Breon Peace praised the 30 year sentence and hoped it would serve as a warning to anyone trying to use drugs to commit ‘there horrific crimes.
‘The defendant drugged and killed multiple people for a few quick dollars,’ Peace said in a statement.
‘She stole their personal belongings while they lay unconscious dying from the lethal drugs she gave them.
‘The defendant’s substantial prison sentence is warranted by her shocking disregard for human life.’

Italian-born chef Andrea Zamperoni, 33, of New York’s Cipriani Dolci, [photo], was among the victims. His body was found inside a garbage bin at an Kamway Lodge, a motel in Elmhurst in August 18, 2019

Prosecutors said Barini, while operating as a sex worker, had a habit of providing drugs to her clients in order to ‘incapacitate and rob them,’ according to court records. 
The records show that on July 4, 2019, Barini met with one of the victims at a motel in Astoria and gave him fentanyl-laced drugs. He was found dead later that day.
Investigators said similar events happened on July 11 in Woodside, and to a 60 year-old victim on August 5, in College Point, with both men dying of an overdose from fentanyl-laced drugs. 
Then on August 18, 2019, prosecutors said Barini met with Zamperoni at the Kemway Lodge motel in Elmhurst, Queens where she drugged him with GBL, killing him almost immediately. 
Barini had made repeated attempts to dispose of Zamperoni’s body at the motel, which was found three days later at a garbage bin wrapped in bleach-stained sheets. 

Prosecutors said the chef overdosed just minutes after stepping inside the Kemway Lodge motel in Elmhurst, Queens, NYC with Angelina Barini in 2019
Sex worker arrested in connection with deaths of three men: Surveillance video from outside the Kemway Lodge motel in Elmhurst,  showed police taking Barini into custody after the body of her client Andrea Zamperoni was found inside a garbage bin inside her motel room 

Barini allegedly orchestrated the crime with ex-boyfriend Leslie Lescano, 44, who was also arrested and charged with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance.
Lescano booked a room at the motel – the crime scene – which rents for as little as $67 night, according to the criminal complaint.
On Aug. 18, 2019, Lescano and Barini drove to the motel, and she later left then returned with Zamperoni at 4:58 a.m. and instructed Lescano to hide in the bathroom, prosecutors said.
When Lescano emerged, he allegedly told authorities that Zamperoni was passed out on the motel room floor, and Barini then handed him Zamperoni’s American Express bank card and asked him to go to a pharmacy to pick up gift cards and toiletries for her, including shampoo and body wash.
She also allegedly instructed him to get her cheese, cold cuts and cigarettes, which Lescano purchased at a deli using the victim’s bank card, according to court records.

Serial killer: Other than chef Andrea Zamperoni, 43-year-old NYC escort Angelina Barini, [photo L-R], was involved in the fatal date drugging of three other me in the summer of 2019

Video surveillance captured Lescano leave a white plastic bag with the purchases on a bench outside the motel at 6:32 AM, according to the complaint. He told Barini he had tucked Zamperoni’s credit card inside the pack of cigarettes.
A few minutes later, Barini is seen on surveillance footage retrieving the bag, the complaint says. *At 1:30 p.m., Barini was allegedly captured on surveillance video exiting the motel and grabbing a garbage can from a nearby alley before dragging it back to her room.
Early the next day, the panicked Barini feverishly contacted friends on Facebook asking to borrow a hand truck.
A search was launched for Zamperoni when he did not report for work and his movements were traced the Kemway Lodge.
When cops knocked on the door of her motel room, “In the corner of the room, law enforcement authorities noticed what appeared to be a garbage can with bed linens stuffed inside and what appeared to be a bare human foot sticking out of the bed linens,” court papers said.
Barini said she didn’t do it and that her pimp, later identified as Leslie Lescano, would not let her call the police and suggested the dismember the body, according to court papers.
After searching the room, officers recovered “a purple liquid in a glass with powder at the top of the liquid and around the rim, glass pipes for smoking narcotics, bottles of bleach and bleach-covered towels, electronics, a power saw and an empty suitcase.”
Prosecutors said Barini admitted to providing the chef drugs and later admitted that Lescano gave the chef “liquid ecstasy.”

Barini’s accomplice was ex-boyfriend Leslie Lescano, 44, aka Ken Ween, [photo L-R]. Lescano was charged and convicted of conspiring to distribute a controlled substance

Barini cried several times during the sentencing. US District Judge Brian Cogan, who delivered the sentence in Brooklyn federal court, said the defendant’s shocking crimes “calls out for punishment” despite a troubled family history and a raging drug habit that “robbed her” of some free will.
“There is no level of disadvantage of being raised that can mitigate what you did here … drug addiction or no drug addiction, something has to kick in,” Cogan said.
The verdict was met with mixed reactions. A cousin of one of her victims who spoke before the sentencing, had no sympathy for Barini.
“I understand she doesn’t have a good history,” the cousin said. “I don’t have a good history. It’s no excuse. She killed four people … She deserves what she gets now.”
The victim was going to school with plans to get into construction, she said.
“You ruined that. I don’t forgive you,” the cousin said, her voice shaking with emotion. “We were best friends. She took that away. She took that away. I don’t feel sorry for you.”
Expressing disappointment Barini’s older sister, Sally, told the NYPost that the court’s sentence on Tuesday was ‘a little harsh’ and that she was planning on appealing the decision. 
‘I think what wasn’t taken into account was that of course what happened was wrong but the victims put themselves in there,’ Sally said. ‘They weren’t saints. 
‘They went with her. They wanted to party and they wanted to do drugs with her and have sex. It wasn’t like she put a gun to somebody’s head and forced them to go with her.’ 
While two of the victims remain John Does, the other identified victim, Jean-Alessandro Silvero, 28, died at a Woodside motel July 11 as a result of fentanyl intoxication, according to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner.
His mother, Norrele Silvero described her son’s death at the hands of a prostitute as a “bad dream.”
“It’s still surreal at this point,” she said, speaking after one of Barini’s court appearances.
“Difficult for a mom to see this event right in front of our faces.”

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