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Jail guard Vicky White, 56, had two-year ‘special relationship’ with inmate 18 years her junior, and she ‘methodically’ planned escape and [their], fleeing with firearms – Sources reveal she had trial runs of prison break

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Female jail guard, 56, who snuck ‘6ft 9in ‘monster’ lover’ out of Alabama prison before they go on the run ‘methodically’ planned escape and fleeing with firearms

Vicky White, 56, had clandestine chats with confessed killer Casey Cole White with trial runs of jail break scheme before Friday’s escape

The pair escaped April 29, with a shotgun and AR-15 as the convict’s ex-girlfriend warns the fleeing guard her: ‘If you’re still alive get the hell out – run’ – you are expendable

Deputies charged Ms. White with ‘permitting or facilitating an escape in the first degree’ on Monday

That felony charge carries a maximum prison term of 10 years

Vicky White and inmate Casey Cole White, 38 – no relation – were seeing each other while he languished in Lauderdale County jail awaiting trial, inmates told cops

The county jail guard first met him at his arraignment on murder charges in 2020, but he was not moved to her facility until February;

They alleged Casey ‘was getting extra food on his trays’ and ‘was getting privileges no one else got’ because of his relationship with Vicky

Sheriff Rick Singleton said the jail staff were previously unaware of the relationship between Ass. Dir of Prison Services Vicky White and inmate Casey Cole White are now investigating

Surveillance cameras at an Alabama county facility caught the moment a senior female employee snuck a confessed murderer out of the prison before the pair went on the run with an AR-15 and a shotgun.
Corrections officer Vicky White on Friday, was recorded on a security camera walking out of Lauderdale County jail with a prisoner, 6ft 9in ‘monster’ Casey Cole White, who was serving a 75-year prison sentence for a plethora of crimes including attempted murder. Both are now in the wind.

Senior jail guard Vicky White helps serving inmate and murder suspect prisoner Casey Cole White escape from jail on Friday

Footage shows Ms. White, 56, a 16-year veteran of the corrections department hold the door for the 38-year-old career criminal who was still wearing handcuffs, before guard and inmate got into a black sheriff’s office cruiser and speed off at 9.30am on April 29, not to return.

Feds issued a warrant for arrest of senior prison guard Vicky White, after she helped her inmate lover escape

As the fugitives hit their fifth day on the lam, the dangerous convict’s ex-girlfriend had come out with a plea to Vicky White [left], to flee the killer. The unnamed woman, who is the victim of the crime wave that sent Cole White away for a long stretch after her shot her in 2015, warned the enabler that she was ‘disposable’ to the killer.
Emphasizing that he’d ‘manipulated’ her and she needed to seek help before she ‘loses her life or somebody else does’.
In the latest development, it has been revealed that Alabama jail guard Vicky White and the escapee were ‘possibly lovers’. She had secret phone calls over the course of two years with the murder suspect she sprung from jail last week.
The corrections officer kept her ‘special relationship’ with Casey White alive while he served a 75-year sentence in state prison for a crime spree that involved him shooting at his ex-girlfriend, according to Lauderdale County authorities.
Casey Cole White was moved from state prison to the county jail where Vicky works in February to face trial on separate capital murder charges.
Ms. White then sold her house and put in her retirement papers on Friday before taking off with the murder suspect instead. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Veteran female guard Vicky White is pictured ‘waddling’ into the jail and opening an interior door on Friday. Casey is believed to have been in the hallway at the time

With the fugitives still eluding custody, authorities are on day seven of a US Marshal-led manhunt for the pair. They could be armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun and may have used a copper 2007 Ford Edge to get away, law enforcement warned.
The cameras show Vicky White pull up and park her cruiser by the door and takes her time exiting the vehicle, leaning back into the seat to grab something. She walks into the facility and leads the shackled prisoner out, holding the door for him.
Despite their 18 year age difference, Vicky White and Casey Cole White, who are not related, shared a ‘special relationship,’ fellow inmates said. The liaison dates back to 2020, when the prisoner was first brought to Lauderdale County for his arraignment on charges to a five-year-old unsolved murder. He’d voluntarily confessed to the killing while already in state prison for 75 years.

The prisoner, Casey Cole White, was also caught on jailhouse surveillance cameras Casey exiting the hallway and following guard Vicky White outside the Alabama facility

Although Casey was in custody at a state prison ahead of his arraignment and was transferred back to the facility immediately after, the pair stayed close, Lauderdale County Sheriff, Rick Singleton, confirmed Wednesday.
Singleton pair apparently communicated only by phone, WAAY reports.
The details of their secret relationship emerged just hours after officials released new video of the couple’s escape. The footage shows the squad car they were traveling in pass a gas station as the guard supposedly drove the incarcerated man to a mental health evaluation appointment, which turned out to be bogus.
The pair abandoned the vehicle about a half-mile from the gas station.
Cole White was serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and animal cruelty. He also faced murder charges after confessing to the fatal stabbing of Connie Ridgeway, 58.
The apparent lovers made a break for it on Friday after Vicky White told superiors she was going to take Casey Cole White for a mental health evaluation on her last day before retirement.

Surveillance video taken at the Lauderdale County Jail showed the moment Vicky snuck 6ft 9in ‘monster’ Casey out of the facility before they went on the run with an AR-15 and a shotgun.

Surveillance cameras recorded The 56-year-old guard hold the door for the 38-year-old prisoner, who was still wearing handcuffs, before they got into a black Lauderdale County police cruiser and sped off at 9.30am on Friday, April 29.
New video released Wednesday shows the pair driving to the Florence Square shopping center where the sheriff’s car used during the escape was found abandoned.
The latest footage shows them driving through the intersection of Huntsville Road and Cox Creek Parkway at 9.49am on Friday, WAAY reported. The intersection is about a half-mile from the shopping center. The cruiser was found abandoned in the center parking lot several hours after the escape.

his still from a  video released Wednesday shows Vicky and Casey driving [circled right], to the Florence Square shopping center on Friday where they abandoned the sheriff’s car used during the escape

The jailer and confessed killer shared an intimate relationship dating back to 2020, it has been alleged. Police revealed other inmates had told them senior guard Vicky White and inmate Casey Cole White- who were not related – had a ‘special relationship’ in the jail.
Inmates allege the guard ensured Cole White ‘was getting extra food on his trays’ and ‘was getting privileges no one else got,’ a claim that Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told CNN has been confirmed by an independent investigation.
‘As far as we know that was the earliest physical contact they had,’ Singleton said of the arraignment. He claims the pair continued to communicate after the accused murderer was transferred back to the prison.
Investigators are analyzing surveillance footage recorded at the Lauderdale County Jail, where the escape occurred, to learn more about their relationship.

The fugitives were spotted driving past a gas station in White’s cruiser. The vehicle was later abandoned half a mile away at a gas station

The alleged lovers made a break for it on Friday after Vicky told superiors she was going to take Casey for a mental health evaluation on her last day before retirement.
The US Marshals Service said they suspected the pair are armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun and may have used a copper 2007 Ford Edge during their escape.
Police and federal agents have launched a huge manhunt while releasing more information about the pair, including revealing that the runaway guard had two aliases herself.

Corrections officer Vicky White [left] went missing on Friday evening after collecting Casey Cole White [right], no relation, from county jail by herself in violation of protocol. Sources said they are lovers and county authorities are investigating the allegation
US Marshalls Service issued this poster for fugitives Vicky White and Casey Cole White

Cole White shot his ex-girlfriend in 2015, but she survived. The woman told WAAY TV: ‘I feel like he has manipulated her and she’s disposable to him, if she’s still alive get the hell out, run.
‘Run, run as far away as you can and turn yourself in and contact somebody. Do the right thing before you lose your life or before somebody else does.’

The fugitive pair ditched Vicky White’s official cruiser and are believed to travelling in this 2007 Ford Edge that is copper in color, feds said
Murder suspect was ‘desperate for transfer’ before fleeing prison: In 2020, Casey’s request to be transferred out of prison and into the county jail was denied after authorities found a makeshift knife stashed in the shower that they believed he intended to use to force someone to let him out

In 2020, Cole White’s request to be transferred out of prison and into the county jail was denied after authorities found a makeshift knife stashed in the shower that they believed he intended to use to force someone to let him out.
Still, he was moved to the jail anyway in order to face capital murder charges for the death of Ridgeway.

Connie Ridgeway, [photo], was killed in her home at Meadowland Apartments in Rogersville, Alabama in 2015. Casey White confessed to killing Ridgeway in a paid hit

On Friday, Vicky White told a booking officer she was escorting Casey to the county courthouse for a mental health evaluation. The MO for the move was against protocol for Casey, who was always meant to have at least two guards with him.
No such evaluation was scheduled that day. 
‘Being the boss and over the transport, she just informed the booking officer that she was going to carry him to the courthouse and drop him off, which was a flagrant violation of policy,’ Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

US Marshals are offering rewards up to $5,000 for information leading to Vicky White, who they described as ‘Armed and dangerous’

‘But I’m sure because it was her boss, the booking officer didn’t question it.’
She also said she was going to a medical appointment for herself, which was confirmed by the doctors’ office, but for which she never showed.
‘All of her co-workers are devastated. We’ve never had any situation like this with Vicky White. She was a model employee,’ Singleton in an interview with CNN.
‘If she did this willingly, and all indications are that she did … I guess we’re trying to hold on to that last straw of hope that maybe for some reason she was threatened and did this under coercion, but absolutely you’d feel betrayed,’ he added. 
On Monday morning, the sheriff noted that, ‘All indications are that she assisted him escape. The question we’re trying to answer … is, well did she do that willingly or was someone from outside threatening her?’ 

The Marshals also posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Casey Colee White

Friday was slated to be her last day on the job, Singleton said Monday afternoon, adding that she ‘talked about going to the beach.’
Vicky White may be flush with cash from the recent sale of her home, he said.
The sheriff warned: ‘Casey White is an extremely dangerous person. We need to get him located and get him off the street.’ 
Deputies charged her with ‘permitting or facilitating an escape in the first degree’ on Monday.
The fugitive jail guard is facing charges of ‘permitting or facilitating an escape in the first degree,’ a felony that carries a maximum prison term of 10 years. 
But those who knew Vicky White say that helping confessed killer would be out of character for the guard, who was voted ’employee of the year’ four times during her 17 years at the sheriff’s office.
Family and co-workers have said that ‘This is not the Vicky White we know, by any stretch of the imagination.’
Which flies in the face of the revelation that prior to escaping with Casey on Friday, the 56-year-old widow had sold her house and filed for retirement. Friday was slated to be her last day on the job, he added, revealing that she ‘talked about going to the beach,’ Singleton said.

Casey Cole White, [circa February 2019], was arrested in 2015 for a crime spree including the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. He previously told police he’d kill her if he got out from incarceration

Casey Cole White has been described as a  ‘dangerous monster’ who promised to kill his ex-girlfriend if he ever got out. In December 2015, he broke into a home in Athens and ordered two men to get down on the ground at gunpoint, according to court documents.
He fired multiple shots and left bullet holes in the wall during the rampage but his ex-girlfriend managed to escape. Two young children were found hiding in the basement, while a dog was found shot dead in a hallway, Fox News reports.
‘He stated that he wanted to kill her and have the police kill him,’ according to a police report.
‘His only regret was that neither was successful. He stated that if he was released he would kill the victim.’
He was eventually convicted on nine counts including attempted murder, kidnapping and animal cruelty and was sentenced to 75 years in prison.
He was 32 when he was finally arrested, following a crime spree that played out in two counties in Tennessee and Alabama in December 2015. In one night, he staged a home invasion and carjacked two vehicles at gunpoint, shooting one person in the arm, WHNT reports.
The crimes were followed by a chase where speeds reached more than 100 miles per hour.

Vicky’s mother says that her daughter, who was named ’employee of the year’ four times and was living with her after selling her house five weeks ago, never mentioned an inmate 
Police are pictured in December 2015 taking Casey into custody after a wild rampage across Tennessee and Alabama that ended in a 100mph car chase, and his stolen car stuck in a field

It ended with a stolen car stuck in a field south of Huntsville, and officers – who were evidently well known to him – pleading with him to put down his gun and give himself up. 
He was charged with attempted murder, two counts of kidnapping, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, third-degree burglary, breaking and entering a vehicle, animal cruelty for shooting a dog and attempting to elude.

In September 2020, Casey Cole White was charged [photo], with the counts related to murder after he voluntarily confessed to killing Connie Ridgeway in 2015. He was already serving a 75-year prison sentence for unrelated charges at the time

While serving time in June 2020, he confessed to killing 59-year-old Connie Ridgeway in a murder-for-hire plot two months before the crime spree.
Ridgeway was killed in her home at Meadowland Apartments in Rogersville, Alabama in 2015, according to WAFF.
He said he was paid to kill her, although no motive for hiring a hitman has ever been disclosed.
He pled not guilty on grounds of insanity and was temporarily moved from prison to the Lauderdale County jail to face trial. 

Prison guard Vicky White, it has been suggested, may have had trial runs of the plot to spring her alleged inmate lover

That’s when he escaped with the help of Vicky White, who was working her final day as an Assistant Director of Corrections in Lauderdale County.
Unconfirmed reports emerging from the county are suggesting that Friday’s successful escape might not have been the first try by Vicky White.
Investigators are exploring the real possibility that the disgraced corrections supervisor tried to put this escape plan for herself and the inmate who was awaiting trial for murder, into action before last Friday.
Sources with direct knowledge of the case believe Ms. White tried to pull off the plan on Tuesday, April 26. However, for reasons yet to be disclosed, the escape plot was not executed until the morning of Friday, April 29.
Without committing to a confirmation of this development, Sheriff Rick Singleton said it’s very possible Vicky White practiced the escape plan ahead of Friday morning.
“Vicky White traveled that route pretty much every day going and coming to work. So on any given day she could have tested it,” Singleton said.
“As far as any covert effort to test the route I don’t know.
“The window of opportunity happened on Friday morning when the supervisor was able to get Casey White out of the jail alone for a fabricated mental health evaluation for him and doctor visit for her.
The ploy gave the duo a nearly six-hour head start on investigators.

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