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Enraged hit and-run female motorist, 26, who fled after killing 59-year-old man on walker in Queens, was ‘intentionally targeting’ her once her best friend, after dating splitting with the brother

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Female motorist is charged with murder, following Saturday’s hit and run that killed a 59-year-old man sitting in a walker while waiting for a bus in Far Rockaway, NY on Aug 27

Kiani Phoenix, 26, is accused of fatally striking Milton Storch, 59, in Far Rockaway on Aug 27, while trying to run down childhood friend 27-year-old Shareese Wise

After striking Milton, a still enraged Phoenix, reversed and hit a man walking behind, but the second victim survived with injuries

Shareese Wise, the target of the enraged driver who instead mowed down an innocent bystander, says the pair were once joined at the hip

Phoenix had been in a toxic relationship with Wise’s brother, Kemal Wise, but ultimately an an order of protection barred Phoenix from contacting the wise family

That deadly fight was sparked last Saturday, after Phoenix ignored the restraining order initiated contact with Wise and trailed her to the deli where the physical altercation ensued

Kiani Phoenix was arrested Monday in Far Rockaway and charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon

Phoenix was briefly hospitalized after screaming incoherently in the Queens police stationhouse where she was processed

Milton Storch was sitting in his walker, waiting for a bus in Queen when an enraged female driver jumped the curb and crushed him. The driver identified as 26-year-odld Kiani Phoenix has been charged with murder

The woman targeted by an enraged driver who instead mowed down an innocent bystander on a Queens sidewalk says the pair were once joined at the hip, until the falling-out that sparked their deadly fight last Saturday.
“Inseparable,” said Shareese Wise, 27, the intended target of a car crash death, describing her once tight bond that she shared with Kiani Phoenix, the driver now charged with murder.
“Her mom didn’t want us together because we were in the street acting crazy. I used to try and bring her into my school.”
Phoenix, 26, is accused of fatally striking 59-year-old Milton in Far Rockaway on Saturday, August 27, while trying to run down Shareese Wise,.
A viral video of the altercation between the women preceding the vehicular killing has been released.
In one frame Phoenix rips the bright red wig off the head of Wise as the two women furiously exchanged blows before Phoenix hopped into her Honda.

Shareese Wise, right, with her brother, Kemal Wise who had been in a toxic relationship with Kiani Phoenix, the Honda driver now charged with murder. Shareese Wise was the intended target of the murderous vehicular assault
Murder suspect Kiani Phoenix was charged with murder. She is seen escorted out of the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway, Tuesday

According to Wise, the two women reportedly, first became friends when Phoenix was in middle school.
Shortly after, Phoenix moved to Florida with her mother. When she returned about four years later, she began dating Wise’s brother, Kemal Wise.
“Everything was cool between them in the beginning but then they started fighting and arguing,” Shareese Wise said.
“She would come to my apartment, bang on my grandma’s door. She would just harass us.”
Wise said Phoenix was once arrested at the apartment and the families routinely lobbed complaints with cops at each other, with one ending in an order of protection barring Phoenix from contacting them.

52-year-old Milton Storch [photo] was killed after he was hit by the Honda driven by Kiani Phoenix in Far Rockaway, NY, on Saturday. The driver was actually trying to run over another woman whom she had been fighting

Despite the familial fighting, Phoenix and Wise’s brother continued dating — but Wise ended the friendship.
“They will go through something, she will be back the next day,” Wise said of the relationship dynamic. “They’ll get into another argument [and] she’ll call the cops but she’ll be back within a couple days.” Defense attorney Marvin Kornberg told The News that his client Phoenix had actually filed numerous criminal complaints against the brother, who was arrested Tuesday for violating an order of protection filed by the suspect’s mother as her daughter was in court.

Kiani Phoenix hit’s Milton Storch who was sitting in his walker on the sidewalk

On Friday, Wise had just arrived home after a day at Six Flags with her daughter and friends. After putting her daughter to bed, she was hanging out with a friend when Phoenix showed up and asked the friend to go out partying.
“I already knew she was going to do that because she wanted to get me upset,” Wise recounted. “So we just had a verbal altercation and I left.”

Video of the altercation shows Phoenix [yellow dress] rips off the bright red wig from Wise [left], as the two furiously exchanged blows on a NY street. Phoenix hops into her car, ends up fatally striking Milton Storch in Far Rockaway, while trying to run down Wise on Aug 30

Wise hooked up with more friends and they decided to get breakfast at the neighborhood deli on Beach 20th St. near New Haven Ave. around 7 a.m.
They ran into Phoenix, who began to talk “junk,” Wise said.
“I got fed up,” Wise said. “She just said too much nasty stuff. And I’ve been trying to get away from her.” The women exchanged punches as their friends tried to break them up. The efforts were successful until Wise attacked Phoenix.
Wise said she used her body to pin Phoenix against her car. After they were eventually pulled apart, Phoenix kept insulting her as she fled towards the driver’s side door. Wise confronted her again there, she said.

Milton Storch was sitting on a sidewalk on Saturday in Queens, NY, when he was killed in a hit-run crash as an incensed female driver aiming her car at another woman whom she had been fighting, mowed him down instead

“I started hitting her, she started kicking me,” Wise said. “While that’s going on, she’s trying to put the gear shift in. That’s why I had the idea that she was trying to hit me.”
Wise ran into the deli and to the back of the store. But sitting outside was Storch, who didn’t see the car heading straight for him until it was too late, the shocking surveillance video shows.
After Phoenix struck Storch, she reversed into a 37-year-old man walking behind her car, police said. Medics rushed both men to St. John’s Hospital, where Storch died. The younger man had minor back injuries, cops said.
“That was so traumatizing,” Wise said. “I’m so sorry that that happened to that man. I wish I had walked away.”

Fatal hit-and-run driver Kiani Phoenix, charged with murder, is escorted out of the NYPD 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway, Tuesday 

Phoenix was arrested on Monday and charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.
After she was arrested, her scheduled arraignment in Queens Criminal Court was delayed while she was briefly hospitalized after screaming incoherently in the Queens stationhouse where she was processed.
Her unintelligible rant which was rather loud within the stationhouse, quietened as as she was brought out and confronted the gathered media. She then tried to cover her face with a sweatshirt as she quietly stepped into the ambulance.
Following her arraignment in Queens Criminal Court, Phoenix was ordered held without bail.
Her attorney claims the out of fight was actually instigated by Wise, setting the deadly sequence in motion.

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