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Russia appointed officials killed in series of explosions targeting Putin allies in occupied Ukraine, Friday – As advancing forces exhume hundreds of civilians tortured and shot by the fleeing Russians

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Putin appointee in charge of ‘JOIN Russia referendum’ killed alongside her husband in one of two ‘double-executions” targeting Moscow collaborators in war-torn country

Lyudmila Boyko lead of ‘Moscow orchestrated referendum’ on joining Russia in occupied Ukraine is killed alongside her husband Oleg Boyko died today in one of Friday’s explosions

They both expired from injuries sustained in an explosion close to their home in Berdyansk, in the southern Zaporizhzhia region 

In a explosion at another location Friday, the Prosecutor General of Luhansk region and his deputy were also killed

Russia blames both explosions on operations authored by Ukrainian saboteurs

Kiev has it appears, launched a series of similar attacks on pro-Russian officials in occupied territory to prevent entrenchment of the occupation government in Ukraine homeland

Killed: Lyudmila Boyko [left] was a top election commission official in Russian-occupied Ukraine. Her husband Oleg [right] was a senior government official in the same area

The woman in charge of Putin’s ‘bogus referendum’ which would see citizens in occupied Ukraine vote on whether to join the Russian Federation was killed today Friday, September 16, in an evident sabotage attack.
Lyudmila Boyko headed the election commission in Berdyansk in the southern Zaporizhzhia region, and had been preparing to implement the Kremlin’s plans for a poll.
But she was slain alongside her husband Oleg Boyko, himself a senior local official official in the Russian-installed local government, in an explosion close to their home.
It came as the Prosecutor General of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic Sergey Gorenko was killed in another blast which destroyed his office and also killed his deputy, Yekaterina Steglenko.
All four victims of the deadly attacks were in their 40s. 
Russia blames both explosions on operations authored by Ukrainian saboteurs.

Killed: Sergey Gorenko [left], Prosecutor General of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic was killed in another blast which destroyed his office and also killed his deputy, Yekaterina Steglenko [right]
Military and emergency personnel outside the General Prosecutor’s office in Luhansk on Friday Sept. 16, after an explosion killed the general prosecutor and his deputy

Moscow’s reaction came in the form of this statement from the head of the Russian Investigative Committee [IC], Alexander Bastrykin : ‘This is a heavy loss for us, for all those who have not come to terms with the criminal Kyiv regime and continue to fight its nationalist manifestations,’ Bastrykin, a close Putin ally said.
‘We will provide all possible assistance to investigate this monstrous crime.
‘I have already instructed the investigators of the Russian IC to open a criminal case and investigate all the circumstances of the incident.
‘I express my deep, sincere condolences to the relatives, friends and colleagues.’
Though Kyiv has not claimed responsibility for any sabotage attacks, Ukrainian actors appear to have launched several such operations to prevent pro-Russian governments in occupied territory from becoming entrenched.

Moment huge car bomb ‘maims Russian commandant, Artem Igorevich Bardin, on September 6, in Berdyansk

On September 6, Artem Igorevich Bardin the military commander appointed by Moscow to oversee Berdyansk and the surrounding region, was maimed in a car bombing. 
The explosion rocked a tree-lined street in the city center, close to the administration building and also injured civilians. 
That attack came just a week after another regional official Ivan Sushko was blown to death in a car bombing alongside Alexander Kolesnikov, deputy head of the Berdyansk traffic police.

Footage from Berdyansk showed the burning wreckage of a car said to belong to Artem Igorevich Bardin, the military commander appointed by Moscow to oversee the city and the surrounding region
Killed: Another Moscow appointee Ivan Sushko, a 40-year-old pro-Russian local government official in Berdyansk [photo], was killed in a car bombing in August, alongside Alexander Kolesnikov, deputy head of the traffic police
Putin ally Ivan Sushko’s car seen moments after it was blown up in car bomb

Ukraine and the West say there is no hope of free and fair referendums in occupied regions of Ukraine.
Putin used a referendum – the outcome of which was widely disputed and assumed to be manufactured – to justify the annexation of Crimea and the peninsula’s subsequent incorporation into the Russian Federation in 2014.
The blasts targeting Russian-installed local officials in southern Ukraine come as Ukrainian authorities made a harrowing discovery in the northeast of the country.

Ukrainian prosecutors spent Thursday sweeping the area for explosives and have now begun exhuming the pits so that hundreds of bodies can be taken away for forensic examination to establish how they died

At least ten torture chambers and a mass grave site containing at least 450 bodies were found by officials who returned to Izyum, a city in the Kharkiv region, and Balaklya, a town close to Izyum which was liberated this past weekend following a lightning Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces.
Ukraine’s police chief Igor Klymenko said that most of the people buried in the mass graves are civilians, with some of the graves marked only with numbers. 
Other graves bear military symbols, suggesting that soldiers are buried there.

Ukrainian police find Russian ‘torture chamber’ in Balakliya
Teams from the prosecutors office have been working in the wood exhuming bodies
Around 450 bodies have been exhumed from the mass graves at the site

The head of the prosecutor’s office in the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv said that some of the bodies unearthed from the mass burial site showed signs of torture, with some buried with their hands tied behind their backs or ropes around their necks.
Izyum resident Sergei Gorodko said that among the hundreds buried in the individual graves were dozens of adults and children killed in a Russian airstrike on an apartment building. 
He said he pulled some of them out of the rubble ‘with my own hands’.

Hints of war crimes as some of the victims are dug up with their hands tied behind their backs
Killing fields: President Zelensky has accused Russia of systematically exterminating civilians. Rows of hastily-dug graves at the woodland site, marked only with numbered pieces of paper paper tacked on to wooden stakes as Ukraine begins gathering evidence of war crimes

Zelensky hinted at war crimes in a speech overnight when he compared Izyum to Mariupol and Bucha, two cities where Russia has systematically exterminated civilians. 
‘We want the world to know what is really happening and what the Russian occupation has led to. Bucha, Mariupol, now, unfortunately, Izyum,’ he said. 
‘Russia leaves death everywhere. And it must be held accountable.’
Following Ukraine re-taking Kharkiv, Sergei Bolvinov, the chief police investigator for the region said that the bodies will be exhumed and taken away for forensic examination.

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