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Cops raid home of estranged husband of Michigan ER nurse and mother-of-three, 42, who was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds after she failed to pick her sons up from school

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ER nurse Rebecca Bliefnick, 42, suffered multiple gunshot wounds at her home in Quincy, Michigan, on February 23

Family members raised the alarm after she failed to pick up her three sons from St Peter School in Quincy

Authorities raided the rented home of her estranged husband, a mile away from where the mother-of-three was found dead

Becky’s husband,Tim Bliefnick, 39, cooperated with police who searched his home, questioned and released him

No charges were brought against him and no one has been arrested or charged

Rebecca and her husband Tim Bliefnick who wedded in 2009, have been estranged, living separately at the time she was murdered

Mother-of-three Rebecca Bliefnick, 42, [photo], was found dead in her home by a family member on February 23, after they became concerned that she did not collect her three children from St Peter School in Quincy, Michigan

Police investigating the death of a mother-of-three who was shot multiple times have raided the home of her husband in Quincy, Michigan.
Emergency Room nurse Rebecca ‘Becky’ Bliefnick, 42, was found dead in her home by a family member after they became concerned that she did not collect her three children from St Peter School in Quincy, a small town of 40,000 people in Adams County, on Thursday, February 23.
Officers from the Quincy Police Department swooped on a home on Hampshire Street at 8am on Wednesday, just a mile away from Rebecca’s home on Kentucky Road.

Rebecca Bliefnick was reported missing last week Thursday, after she failed to pick up her boys from school in Quincy, Michigan

Rebecca’s estranged husband, Tim Bliefnick, 39, is listed as living at the property along with several others, and it is understood that the pair were undergoing divorce proceedings.
Tim Bliefnick, reportedly was very cooperative, handing over the keys to his rented property as well as his car keys to police without fuss. Police questioned him but he was not arrested or designated a person of interest.
Police confirmed that they raided the property, and a person was ‘temporarily detained’ but was subsequently released.
Police have yet to make an arrest in the murder of the mother-of-three and urged the public to be ‘patient’ with them

Rebecca and her husband Tim Bliefnick [[right], were estranged, living separately at the time she was murdered.

Concerned family members called for a welfare check after Becky Bliefnick failed to pick up her three sons from school. Officers responded to her home at 3:32pm on Thursday and have remained on site since. Investigators were seen removing evidence from the property.
Police Chief Adam Yates said that such a violent crime is ‘rare’ in the small town, which has only 40,000 people residing there.
Authorities previously said that they have eight detectives working on the case.
Rebecca and Tim wedded in 2009 and shared three young sons. At the time of her death the couple were going through divorce proceedings and lived in separate homes. 

The couple who married in 2009, shared three sons

The couple have three sons together, but were living separately at the time of her death.
Police confirmed that they were keeping an open mind, appealing for additional witnesses and have not ruled anyone out as a suspect.
In a statement Police Chief Yates said that the investigation is ‘difficult’ and they ‘take time’, before promising that ‘an incredible amount of work is going on behind the scenes.’
He added: ‘The Quincy community has not experienced a crime of this magnitude since early 2019. All death is tragic; the circumstances of Ms. Bliefnick’s murder are incomprehensible.
‘Our community is shaken, on edge and they want answers. The members of our police department dedicate their lives to protecting the members of our community.
‘When a crime like this occurs, it becomes our mission to ensure there is justice for the victim and a restored sense of security for our residents.

Officers making a welfare check responded to Rebecca Bliefnick’s home at 3:32pm on Feb. 2. They remained on site since, removing evidence from the property

‘We have only one chance to get it right. Ms. Bliefnick deserves our best and that is exactly what we intend to give her.
‘We are fortunate to live in a community where violent crime such as this, is rare. When it happens, it is devastating.
‘Nothing I say here tonight will put our community at ease. Making an arrest in this case is the only way to do that. We are working very hard to make that happen. This investigation is our highest priority.
‘Again, offer my condolences to Ms. Bliefnick’s family and friends. May God be with them, her and with the investigators seeking justice on her behalf.’

Investigators are asking if anyone has information concerning this homicide case to call the Quincy Police Department 217-228-4470 or submit a tip though Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers online portal, app, or by calling 217-228-4474.

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