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Ex-boss of all male stripper brand Dreamboys found dead in his UK jail cell – David Richards was serving 27-year sentence for the attempted murder of model girlfriend with an axe

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Ex-boss of Dreamboys male ‘stripper’ group is found dead in his jail cell after being jailed for trying to kill his model girlfriend with an axe when he saw her kissing reality TV star Kirk Norcross

Richards, 42, broke down in tears in January, as he was sentenced to 27 years in prison for trying to kill his ex, 32-year-old Alex Alam 

David Richards was found guilty of the attempted murder of Alex Alam

His body was found by warders at Lowdham Grange prison in Nottinghamshire on Monday At trial prosecutor said Richards waited for hours to ambush Alex Alam outside her home on April 3, 2022

He attacked his former partner as she stepped outside to walk her dogs

She suffered a fractured skull and cuts to her face and scalp in the ‘bloodbath’

Richards broke down in tears as he was jailed for 27 years today

David Richards, 42, the former boss of Dreamboys, an all male stripper group, was been found dead in his jail cell on Monday

The former boss of Dreamboys has been found dead in his jail cell in the UK, weeks after being jailed for trying to kill his model girlfriend with an axe on April 3, 2022.
David Richards, 42, was found guilty of the attempted murder of Alex Alam, 32, last year, after seeing reality star, Kirk Norcross, giving her a ‘goodnight kiss’ outside her home in Stock, Essex.
Norcross stars in the British television reality show based in Essex, England, The Only Way Is Essex, [TOWIE].
At sentencing in January, Richards broke down in tears as he was handed a 27-year prison sentence for the attempted murder of Alam. 

In January, David Richards broke down in tears as he was sentenced to 27 years in prison for trying to kill his ex 32-year-old Alex Alam [photo] 

Richards’ body was found by wardens at Lowdham Grange prison in Nottinghamshire on Monday.
An independent investigation has since been launched at the Category B men’s jail, which was put on lockdown after the discovery.
The court heard how Alam had made a FaceTime call to Kirk Norcross begging him to rescue her children during the attack last April, which left her needing more than 100 stitches for life-changing injuries. 

David Richards talks about the male stripping industry in a 2018 interview
Seeing Alex Alam sharing a goodnight kiss with TOWIE star, Kirk Norcross, [photo], provoked Richards to launch a violent attack against his ex-girlfriend

A source told The Sun: ‘It’s a huge shock. Richards’s case was high profile and so he had kept his head down since arriving at the nick.
‘A probe into what happened on Monday was launched immediately.’
A spokesperson for HMP Lowdham Grange said: ‘We can confirm that a prisoner died at HMP Lowdham Grange on 13 March 2023. 
‘The next of kin have been informed and our thoughts are with the family. 
‘As with all deaths in custody, there will be an investigation by the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman and therefore we are unable to comment further at this stage.’

David Richards managed the Dreamboys stripper troupe for almost two decades
David Richards [top right, wearing a grey jacket] seen with dancer Louie Spence [center], and members of the Dreamboys group in December 2010

Richards, who established the male strip show brand before selling the business for $1.22 million, [£1m], in 2019, had been in a nine-year relationship with Alam.
The entrepreneur reportedly built an estate home complete with stables that the pair shared. The property is listed in both of their names.
Richards and Alam had a toxic relationship and Richards, an ex-boxer, had a record of serial domestic violence throughout the course of their relationship. Alam filed several police reports of abuse, including allegations of coercive control.
Ultimately she succeeded in throwing Richards him out of the home last April, after obtaining a a no-molestation order against after another assault.

David Richards talks about the ‘male stripping industry’

Richards, following questioning by police hung around outside the house for five hours. That is when he saw 34-year-old Kirk leaving the property, giving Alam a ‘kiss goodnight’ on his way out.
He attacked her when she stepped out to walk her dogs. Dragging her back in, he hit her over the head repeatedly with an axe while screaming the name of Kirk Norcross.
He then attempted to strangle the former model and continued hitting at her with the axe. 
In her testimony Alam told the court, ‘Every time I was screaming or begging he was getting more angry. I realized I was going to get hacked to pieces. I knew he was going to do me, and then he was going to do the kids.’

Alex Alam, [photo], a former model, was attacked by Richards late at night in April with an axe. Alam was left with ‘life-changing’ injuries that required her to spend days in hospital and needed 100 stitches

Richards tied up Alam using cable ties. He then dragged the trussed woman around by her hair.
Meanwhile she invented a story about why she had been with Norcross, adding that she had evidence on her phone.
While her tormentor left her bound to hunt for the phone, Alam grabbed a kitchen knife and managed to lock him out.
She hid in a bedroom and called the police help line. Then she called Norcross, begging him to come back and save her kids.

Richards [photo], was ‘a man who intended to kill.’ Prosecutor William Carter said at his murder trial

In his own testimony Norcross said when Alam phoned him: ‘She was covered in blood. I had never seen anything like it. It was like I was seeing a horror movie. She said, ‘Kirk come back, I am dying. He has killed me’.’
Richards reportedly, fled the scene and at speeds of more than 90mph before being stopped by police and taken into custody.
After the savage attack, Alam was hospitalized for several days and needed more than 100 stitches.  
Prosecutor William Carter told the court Richards was ‘a man who intended to kill.’
Richards denied attempted murder and said he had never had an axe. But a jury took just four hours to convict him after the week-long trial. He had already admitted breaching the non-molestation order.

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