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Married Texas 911 dispatcher faces losing job along with playmates, ‘after she’s caught sexting seven cops and having sex with two’ by husband who passed on the messages to her bosses

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Married Texas 911 dispatcher might be fired after she was caught sexting seven cops ‘and having sex with two” by her husband

Internal affairs investigating case after Giancarlo Perez passed on the sordid messages to his wife’s bosses leading to suspension of officers involved

Krystle Perez, 38, an overnight dispatcher at San Antonio’s Bexar County Sheriff’s Department, has been placed on unpaid leave over the sordid messages

The messages, sent to at least seven Texas peace officers, saw the dispatcher speak at length with both Sgt. Julio Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal about their alleged past trysts

Some sexting exchanges forwarded by Perez’s husband to her superiors are too graphic to share, while others recount her past exploits with two cops in painstaking detail

Sgt. Julio Salinas and Dep. Juan Leal have been placed on unpaid leave while Dep. Jason Jarvis, faces proposed suspension of 30 days

Salinas and Leal, along with Perez have all been warned by Bexar County Sheriff’s offices that they are likely to lose their jobs

Krystle Perez, 38, an overnight dispatcher at San Antonio’s Bexar County Sheriff’s Department, has been placed on leave over the sordid messages – which saw her speak at length with both a sergeant and deputy about alleged past trysts

A Texas 911 dispatcher may be fired from her job after she was allegedly caught sexting seven cops and having affairs with two. Her husband discovered the sordid messages and shared them with her bosses. 
Krystle Perez, 38, an overnight dispatcher at San Antonio’s Bexar County Sheriff’s Department, has been placed on leave over the sleazy messages, which saw her speak with both a sergeant and deputy at length about alleged past trysts.
Other messages exchanged between by Krystle Perez and her partners which were uncovered by husband, Giancarlo Perez, 41, contain sexting exchanges between her and four other officers employed by the force, as well as an officer from a nearby department.

‘She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking’: The messages were uncovered and sent to the small-town police department by husband Giancarlo Perez, and are now being vetted to glean their legitimacy

One of those officers, Deputy Juan Leal, has been placed on unpaid leave as a result of the recent revelation, whereas another deputy, Jason Jarvis, has been hit with a proposed suspension of 30 days.
Sergeant Renaldo Salinas has also been placed on leave without pay, as the department continues to vet the salacious text messages.
Officers Salinas and Leal, along with Perez have all been warned by Bexar County Sheriff’s offices that they are likely to lose their jobs.
The affected officers deny misconduct while on-duty, but the sheriff’s office is now investigating the allegations. 

This text sent to Reynaldo Salinas suggests he and Krystle Perez previously met for sex 

The messages sent to Sgt. Julio Salinas suggest that he and Krystle Perez met up for sex.
The revelations have bred discord in the household of Deputy Jarvis who is now facing divorce from his wife. Jessica Jarvis in an interview said her husband admitted an affair to her. 
Many of the messages leaked to the department by Giancarlo Perez the whistle blowing husband are of an extremely sexual nature, while others recount Perez’s past exploits with two of the officers in painstaking detail.
‘She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking,’ 41-year-old Giancarlo told KABB San Antonio over the weekend of how his marriage imploded in December when he discovered the texts on his wife’s phone.
‘I was in disbelief,’ he says in the clip, and at on point even appeared on the verge of retching as he recalled the traumatic discovery.

Accused: Sgt Renaldo Salinas of Bexar County Sheriff’s Office texted Perez implying they’d previously met for sex. She responds with ‘I can feel it all of it and I love it’

The outlet on Friday shared screenshots of some of the messages he uncovered from his 38-year-old spouse’s iPhone. Most of the messages were exchanged between Perez and cops from the Bexar Sheriff’s Department. One of the sexting messages was sent to a City of Converse officer.
‘I feel so Hot and Sexy when I’m in you,’ one undated message sent to Krystle Perez by Sgt. Salinas reads.
Grabs show a not-so-subtle reply from the late-night dispatcher, who wrote: ‘I can feel it all of it and I love it’.

Accused: Deputy Juan Leal, above, sent raunchy messages – although there’s no suggestion he met up with Perez. He and Salinas are both on unpaid leave, and have been told they’ll likely be fired

Accused: Deputy Jason Jarvis [right], has been hit with a proposed suspension of 30 days. His wife Jessica [left], said her husband has confessed to having sex with the dispatcher. She has since served him with divorce papers

Other messages showed much of the same, with several others sent between Perez and Salinas indicating the pair had been engaging in extramarital affairs.
‘We need another hotel day,’ a sext from Salinas sent in response reads, suggesting a previous illicit tryst.
The message garnered a show of affirmation from the dispatcher, whose prospective termination is currently under review by the department’s internal affairs office.
‘Yes!!’ she wrote, before asking when the high-ranking officer ‘was back on nights.’ Salinas, in a one-word reply, responded ‘Friday,’ with the rest of the thread purposely omitted due to its explicit nature. 
Additional messages sent to Salinas saw Perez describe herself being ‘rolled up in bed like a burrito’, before being met with a lustful ‘mmm’ from the sergeant.

Proof: In one exchange Perez refer to Leal as her ‘daddy’, while he lustfully expressed his excitement at getting ‘naked’ with the dispatcher. Leal hasn’t been accused of meeting Perez for sex in-person

Jessica Jarvis, [photo], welled-up as she recounted discovering the affair between her husband, Deputy Jarvis and with Krystle Perez. She’s now divorcing him

In others, she described how she was going to ‘hunt down’ the peace officer presumably to engage in more trysts, with Salinas assuring her that they would ‘figure something out.’
In one thread sent at 10:20 pm on a Friday night, Salinas seemingly plans a sexual excursion with Perez. ‘I get off at midnight, came in early,’ the officer writes.
‘I miss your lips,’ Salinas writes in another, earning a ‘my lips miss you’ from the overnight dispatcher. 
Other messages between the two were too graphic to recount, but almost all alluded to past and prospective sexual interactions between the pair, with several showing their indisputable desire for one another. 
‘They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections,’ Giancarlo told KABB of the many leaked messages.

Another message was almost illegible, but referenced a ‘need’ for ‘that grown woman love’ 

One text sent to Salinas saw the pair refer to erotic hunting role play 

In another,  Perez told Salinas she was ‘rolled up like a burrito,’ prompting an approving ‘mmm’

The outlet also shared photos of some slightly less incriminating, but equally lustful communications between Perez and other officers such as Deputy Leal – who was also put on unpaid leave as investigators probe the trove of texts.
The messages shared by the outlet between Perez and Leal, while just as graphic as those involving Salinas, did not reference any prior sexual encounters, but did show a burgeoning desire between the two.
‘I can’t wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other all over,’ one unmarked message from Leal reads.

Perez’s desire to kiss one of the seven men she’s accused of sexting was evident in this message

Another suggests an assignation was planned after work tryst, having gotten in early in the hopes of escaping before the end of her shift too 

‘And then I can lay on you and kiss you all over,’ Perez writes in another, calling the deputy ‘daddy’ – to which Leal replies ‘Like ‘ALL OVER’?’
Both men have been put on the same unpaid leave, with another officer, Deputy Jarvis, recently hit with a proposed suspension of 30 days – as well as divorce papers from his longtime wife.
While not included in the de facto sext dossier, messages between the dispatcher an deputy reportedly also contained similar language suggesting an affair between the two – philandering his wife Jessica said the suspended officer has since confirmed.
‘These are people that are supposed to be protecting us, serving and making sure the community is safe,’ Jessica said during a sitdown with KABB on Friday after claiming her soon-to-be ex conceded to having an affair with the dispatcher.
‘Instead they’re busy setting up affairs they’re busy setting up appointments to basically have sexual relations.’

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