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Remains of missing Texas mom Heidi Broussard is found in trunk of car, her month-old-baby is found ALIVE, a week after they vanished – Her ‘Friend’ Megan Rose Fieramusca is facing murder charge over missing mother’s death

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‘Friend’ charged over missing mother Heidi Broussard’s death after she was found in the trunk of a car at property where her one-month-old baby was found ALIVE a week after they vanished
Search over for missing Austin mom, Heidi Broussard after her body was found inside the trunk of a car at a home in suburban Houston on Thursday night – Inside the house, police found her one-month-old Margot alive 
The car is registered to Magen Rose Fieramusca, aka Maygen Humphrey, who is described as one of Heidi’s friends
Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter, Margot Carey, were reported missing On Dec. 12 by her fiancé Shane Carey, who is also Margot’s father
Fieramusca who was with Heidi when she gave birth to her baby last month,  is being held in county jail on kidnapping and corpse tampering charges, She is expected to also face charges related to murder
The grim discovery was made after Child Protective Services received a call, Margot was taken to the hospital but is believed to be in a good condition 

By late Friday Broussard’s friend, Magen Rose Fieramusca, aka Maygen Humphrey, is being held in jail in Harris County  on kidnapping and corpse tampering charges.
She is registered to the car where Heidi’s body was found on Thursday night outside a house in Jersey Village, a suburb of Houston.
Heidi’s baby, one-month-old Margot Carey, was found safe and alive inside the property.

Police say they expect to charge Megan with murder later in the day.
A second person, who has not yet been named, is also in custody.
It remains unclear how long Megan and Heidi knew each other, or how close they were.
Heidi Broussard and baby Margot were reported missing by her fiance Shane Carey, who is also Margot’s father, at 7.30pm on December 12.
Broussard returned home after dropping off her older child, six-year-old Silas at school then vanished, police said.
This particular situation was suspicious immediately. Police said they feared foul play from the start because one child was missing and one was left behind, the presumption being that if a mother were to run away voluntarily, she would either take both children or leave both behind, police said

‘We miss all of them very much, and we want them home. So, anybody who has her, please let them go – just let them go – and it’ll be alright, Tammy Broussard said.
She added: ‘Heidi wouldn’t do this, there’s no way. She loves her son Silas and she would never do this, and she would never take Margot down those stairs without her carrier and have her strapped in and her diaper bag strapped to her back.’

NBC reported the search over Texas mother and her newborn baby, who disappeared seven days earlier. Her body was recovered in the trunk of a car parked at a home near Houston on Dec. 19 
Heidi Broussard's bruises 1.JPGPhotos taken by Heidi Broussard in March show bruises and red marks on her arms which she told friends were caused by her fiancé Shane Carey grabbing her after she told him she would rather break up

In the social media messages that accompanied the photos, Broussard said the bruises were due to Carey ‘grabbing’ her.

She explained: ‘Shane grabbed me really hard because I tried to stop him because he stole Zeus [their dog] last last [sic] cause I told him I couldn’t stay.’
A horrified Nolte then replies: ‘You need to call the cops on him Heidi. You can’t keep letting this happen.’
No record of police call outs to Broussard’s home could be found and Carey has no publicly recorded convictions.
Even before the body was found, according to Nolte, the photos have been shared with the detectives investigating her December 12 disappearance along with baby daughter Margot.
Two people – who have not been named – are in custody being questioned after the grim discovery was made thanks to a call to Child Protective Services.
Nolte, of Rhome, Texas, said Broussard had intended to leave her fiancé after the March 11 incident but chose to stay after getting pregnant with Margot.
He said: ‘She was going to leave quite a few times. We had everything prepared at our house to come and stay the last time but then she discovered she was pregnant with Margot and decided to stay.’
Nolte added: ‘He always pulled the ”I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore, I’ll stop drinking” promises and she kept hoping he’d keep them.’

Broussard vanished with Margot from her Austin, Texas, apartment just over a week ago and was last seen dropping off son Silas, six, at a school book fair.
Last weekend, Carey, 33, made a tearful TV plea for her return in which he claimed he had returned home at around 2pm only to find Broussard and Margot gone.
Carey said the home they shared showed no sign of a break-in and said Heidi had left everything behind but her cellphone.
He reported the pair missing five hours later at 7.30pm after collecting Silas from the elementary school where the mom-of-two was last seen.

Heidi Broussard and her baby Margot 2Two people are in custody being questioned after Heidi Broussard’s body was found. Her daughter Margot Carey [right] was taken to the hospital but is believed to be in a good condition

Neighbors have cast doubt on Carey’s version of events, with one saying that he heard an argument from next door just before 2pm.

Another neighbor, Alan G, who asked not to use his full name, said he heard a muffled row shortly after returning home from his job as a barista at 1pm.
He told: ‘It was definitely after 1. I heard noises that sounded like an argument coming through the wall.’
Alan, who lives in the neighboring apartment, added: ‘I didn’t really know them very well – I would see them on the stairs and out walking the dog but that was it.
‘We didn’t really talk much.’
Another neighbor Cody Riordan, 28, said he had seen Casey pacing up and down outside their apartment building the day after Heidi disappeared – adding that he had seemed distraught and was chain-smoking cigarettes.
Riordan, who lives three floors below Broussard and Carey, said he did not know the couple well but said they had seemed content.

Nolte, however, tells a different story – claiming that the pair, who met in 2009 and became engaged in 2012, have had a difficult relationship for years.
The 37-year-old, who first met Heidi when she was 14, insisted that the children are the main reason Broussard stayed.
He said: ‘She wouldn’t have left Silas but she wouldn’t have left her stepdaughter either. She’s Shane’s daughter from a previous relationship.
‘Heidi loved her just like she was her own.’

Heidi Broussard and her baby Margot 4.JPGHeidi Broussard [photo,with her infant daughter] and Margot were last seen in Austin, and a week later Broussard’s body was found in the trunk of a car at a home in Houston while Margot was found alive. Investigators are trying to determine the relationship between if Broussard and the suspects in her death

Authorities said Broussard arrived at the school with Margot to drop off her son at around 7.30am. A surveillance image released by police showed the mother at the school wearing a purple shirt about 20 minutes later.
Carey said Heidi called him at about 8am to telling him she had bought some books for Silas at a school fair. He said he tried calling her again at around 1.40pm but her phone was turned off.
Carey arrived home from work at about 2pm and said Broussard and the baby were not there.
He said Broussard’s car was unlocked and her purse was inside with her ID and bank cards still in it. Carey said her keys and cellphone were the only things missing.
Heidi has been missing since December 12 when she was last seen dropping her son Silas, at school. Her daughter three-week-old daughter Margot was also missing

He said he went to pick up the boy and that Broussard still wasn’t home when he returned. Police were notified several hours later.

Carey told Fox7 that when he first noticed Broussard was missing, he walked around the apartment complex ‘going through dumpsters’ to see if he could find her keys.
‘I sat outside to see any suspicions, anything that was weird,’ he said.
‘The next morning I sat out here for hours asking everybody if they’d seen or heard screaming, anything that was off or suspicious.
‘They’re all saying no.’
Carey begged anyone with information to contact him or authorities and pleaded with the public to share social media posts about her disappearance.
‘She would not do this by herself. She would not be doing this. This is definitely something that happened that was wrong,’ he said.

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