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Florida teacher, 26, is found shot dead on floor of her home beside her lover in suspected murder-suicide, after Cops were alerted by her crying 10-month-old daughter, left in a nearby crib

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Amanda Hicks, 26, a middle school teacher in Port St. Lucie, Florida, was found dead on Saturday in what police believe to be a murder-suicide

Police conducting a welfare check, alerted by her crying 10-month-old daughter who was left in a crib, found the dead bodies lying next to each other on the floor

Police believe the yet unidentified male was in a romantic relationship with the new mom, who moved into the apt with her baby just three weeks prior

10-month-old baby Alani was found safe inside the apartment and has been placed in the care of a relative

Amanda Hicks, 26, was found dead Saturday morning at the apartment complex in Port St. Lucie which she had moved in to three weeks ago

A 26-year-old teacher in Port St. Lucie, Florida, was found dead Saturday in a suspected murder-suicide, with police alerted to the scene by the crying of her 10-month-old daughter. Responding officers forced their way through the door and found an unharmed, crying baby in a crib.
The baby’s mother, Amanda Hicks, 26, a sixth-grade teacher at Anderson Middle School, was found dead inside her apartment at the Peacock Run apartment complex, lying on the floor next to an unnamed man with whom she was believed to be having a relationship.
Police believe the male killed Hicks, before turning the gun on himself.
The baby has been placed in the custody of a family member, as tributes from her friends and family have poured in for the teacher since her death. 
Along with her infant daughter, Hicks is also survived by a brother. The siblings lost their mother in December 2018, to cancer.
Her brother Eric posted on social media after her death: ‘Y’all plz help us raise money for my sisters funeral and service and everything,’ he wrote. 

10-month-old baby Alani was found alive after police entered the apartment. Her mother and a man were found dead in the apt. It is yet unknown if the male is her father

Amanda Hicks had given birth to Alani in July, and the two had moved into the apartment three weeks ago, neighbors told CBS 12 News.
‘They seemed very normal, very normal,’ said an unnamed neighbor.
‘We didn’t even get time to even get to know them because everything happened so fast.
‘My hearts out for the family, though. Hopefully, they find peace in all of this.’
The man who died in the incident has not had his name released by authorities. His family called police at 11:45am requesting a welfare check. 
Officers heard Alani crying and then saw two bodies on the floor. 

Port St Lucie police discovered the bodies on Saturday after they were called to the Peacock Run apartment complex and found Hicks’ infant daughter crying. the new mom and her baby had moved into the apt three weeks earlier

Police responded on Saturday to the Peacock Run apartment complex in Port St Lucie, FL, where they found Hicks dead along with an unnamed man. Authorities have not said how they died

The murder-suicide according to police deaths happened a day after Anderson Middle School had broke finished for summer. Principal Darcia Borel sent an email confirming Hicks’ murder and offering counseling to all staff members who wanted it.

Eric Hicks seen [photo, right], with his sister Amanda, launched an appeal on Facebook ‘Y’all plz help us raise money for my sisters funeral and service and everything’

Her childhood friend Maria Uphues wrote on Facebook: ‘Even though the plan was to grow old and reminiscence about all the highs and lows we’ve experienced, I am so grateful to have had you in my life for these past 19 years.
‘You were absolutely gorgeous inside and out and this world will never be the same without you… Your creativity was pure art.’

New mom Amanda Hicks is seen [photo] with her mother, who died from cancer in December 2018

Uphues said she was grateful that Alani was found unharmed.
‘Even though I don’t know what happened that day, I don’t hold any hate in my heart towards him and my heart goes out to his family,’ she wrote.

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