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Georgia mom Lindsay Shiver and lover Terrance Bethel released on bail in The Bahamas after their arrest for conspiring with a hitman to murder her husband

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Lindsay Shiver, 36, from Georgia and lover Terrance Bethel, 28, released on bail in Nassau, Bahamas after they were arrested for plotting to murder her husband

Shiver, a former beauty pageant and wife of a college football star Robert Shiver, was arrested last week on the island of Guana for planning her husband’s murder with her Bahamian lover and an alleged hitman

Whilst she went of their way to create the illusion of perfect family life on social media, her husband in April discovered she was having an affair while they were living in The Bahamas and filed for divorce

Lindsay Shiver, 36, her lover, Terrance Bethel, 28, and alleged hired ‘hitman’ Farron Newbold, 29, were all arrested – her bail was set at $100,000 while it was set at $20,000, each for her co-conspirators

Bahamian police investigating investigating a break-in at a bar uncovered the plot on July 16, when they saw the WhatsApp messages detailing the scheme on a phone belonging to one of the suspects

Lindsay Shiver was ordered to remain in The Bahamas and is required to wear an ankle monitor until her next court appearance on Oct 5 

Former cheer leader and beauty pageant, Lindsay Shiver [photo], will remain in The Bahamas, required to wear an ankle monitor until her next court appearance Oct 5. She’s accused of plotting her husband’s murder with her Bahamian lover and an alleged hitman

Georgia mom accused of plotting with to kill her husband have been released on bail with help from their target. She was arrested with the two men involved in the murder-for-hire plot
Bail for 36-year-old Lindsey shiver was set at $100,000 bail and she was ordered to remain in The Bahamas until her next court appearance scheduled for October 5.
Her lover and co-conspirator, Terrance Bethel, 28, who was granted bail of $20,000 was placed on a curfew Same terms and conditions applied to the alleged ‘hitman’, 29-year-old Farron Newbold.
Shiver will be required to wear an ankle monitor until she is next due in court October 5. The prime suspect Lindsey Shiver was granted bail by a Bahamian Supreme Court judge late Tuesday, just a day after she had an emergency bail application denied. 

Lindsey, seen [photo], with two of the couple’s three kids remains in the Bahamas. She has vacillated between denying the affair with Bethel to claiming it happened while she was separated from Robert, besides he condoned the relationship

Her estranged husband, insurance executive Robert Shiver, has flown back to their home in Thomasville, Georgia. The intended target revealed that despite his wife’s alleged cold-blooded murder plot, he has not and does not relish the task of telling their three young sons their mom is in prison. 
He has since returned to their expansive multi-million-dollar estate, which was at the center of a bitter breakup between the two that had played out in secret while Lindsey Shiver continued to paint the portrait of a close-knit happy family on social media. 
The family also owns a home in the Bahamas, which is where Lindsay is accused of beginning her affair with her younger amour, Terence Bethel. 

The pair who own a multi-million estate home in Georgia are fighting over use of their 8,000 square-foot mansion, estimated to be worth around $2.5million, in their divorce

She was arrested after Bahamian police investigated a break-in at a local bar on July 16, where they came across allegedly incriminating WhatsApp messages detailing the plan on a phone belonging to a suspect. 
Shiver and Bethel allegedly conspired to hire a hitman, Newbold, to murder her husband, who had filed for divorce after discovering their affair. 
Following the discovery, police last week arrested the three conspirators on the island of Guana. They were subsequently flown under custody to the capital Nassau as the nation only has one prison. 

The former beauty pageant queen and her former college football star husband and three children (photo), went of their way to create the illusion of perfect family life on social media. Her husband discovered she was having an affair while they were living in The Bahamas and filed for divorce

The Lindsey and her former NFL star husband Robert Shiver had been locked in a bitter battle over the custody of their three young children and the future of their multi-million dollar estate, according to court records.
Yet despite the conflict the pair continued to portray the image of a picture-perfect family living their dream. Regularly sharing images on social media of the family on lavish vacations to the Bahamas, jetting around and partying on yachts.
At the heart of the ongoing dispute was over ownership of the family’s $2.5million, 8,000 square foot, home in Thomasville, where the pair lived.

Despite the conflict the affair the Shiver couple appeared to be living a wholesome life and regularly shared photos of the family on lavish holidays. However, by April the couple were estranged after Robert caught his wife in an affair and filed for divorce

In 2020, Lindsay shared a wholesome photo of the family and celebrated the ten-year anniversary of her marriage to the football player.
‘The key to a perfect marriage is having two imperfect people, who refuse to give up on each other,’ she wrote. ‘So thankful for that fitness class 13 years ago that brought us together and all of the love, laughter, and life we have created ever since! I love you babe.’ 
But in April Robert filed for divorce after he caught his wife having an affair.
As part of the divorce, Robert sought custody of their three children and total ownership of their Georgia mansion.
The divorce filing also refer to a private jet, access to which Lindsay claimed she had been denied.
Lindsay responded to the initial filing that her extramarital affair was during a separation and ‘legally condoned by husband’, according to the records.

Lindsay Shiver arrested in the Bahamas for ‘plotting to kill’ husband

She similarly wanted full custody of the children and sole use of their house.
‘Wife feels unsafe in the marital home and has installed locks on the interior doors of the home for protection,’ her attorney wrote and requested a restraining order against Robert.
‘Husband has abused the wife in the home in the children’s presence on multiple occasions, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally,’ the filing alleges.
Lindsay is from Alabama and graduated from Auburn University, where the two met in 2007, with a degree in marketing.
Robert is the son Allen Shiver, who served for more than four decades as CEO of Flowers Foods before stepping down in 2019 from the $5billion company.
After playing football at Auburn and briefly for the Atlanta Falcons Robert also pursued a career in business currently serves as an executive vice president for Senior Life Insurance Company, according to the agency’s website. 

Lindsay Shiver and her husband Robert [photo] met at Auburn, where she graduated with a degree in marketing and Robert played college football. The couple share three young sons

The many photos on Lindsey Shiver’s social media pages indicate that she spent between Georgia, Florida, Vail and The Bahamas  

Lindsay was due to be deposed in a divorce hearing on July 18, just before her arrest, but the hearing was pushed back to October 31, according to the court documents.
Police uncovered the plan to murder former Auburn University football player Robert, 38, on July 16 while investigating a break-in at a bar – and say they found WhatsApp messages on that suspect’s cell phone discussing the conspiracy. 
All three were flown to the Bahamas capital Nassau from Guana after they were arrested. They appeared in court on Friday but were not required to enter a plea.

Bahamian police investigating investigating a break-in at Grabber’s Bar and Grill uncovered the plot on July 16 when they saw the WhatsApp message exchanges on a phone belonging to one of the suspects

The Shiver family own a home in the Bahamas, which is where Lindsay is accused of initiating the affair with Bethel, a source close to the investigation said. 
Robert then found out about the relationship between his wife and the 28-year-old and filed for divorce, they added.
She then orchestrated a plan to murder her estranged husband with Bethel and enlisted the help of Newbold, according to authorities.
‘On July 16, 2023 at Abaco, while being together did, with a common purpose agree to commit an offense, namely the murder of Richard Shiver,’ a police report said. 
Bahamian police uncovered the murder-for-hire plot following reports of a burglary at Grabber’s Bar and Grill. They came across WhatsApp messages on the phone of the suspect which detailed the murder plot in the course of the investigation. 

Lindsay Shiver, [photo], a former cheerleader, was named Miss Houston County in 2005 and finished second in the National Peanut Festival pageant. She is accused of plotting with her younger lover to have her husband murdered in the Bahamas where the couple also have a home

Lindsay Shiver, seen [photo], with her husband Robert and their three sons, remains in jail in the Bahamas after local police uncovered a plot she allegedly orchestrated to kill her estranged husband

Robert Shiver was signed by his hometown Atlanta Falcons [photo], in 2009 but was cut before the season began. He met his future wife Lindsey in college 

Robert, seen wearing number 62 shirt, was a college star footballer at Auburn University

Lindsay, Bethel and Newbold were then arrested and flown to Nassau, where they were jailed.
The trio appeared in court before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley on Friday. They were not required to enter a plea and they are being held in jail until they return to court on October 5.
Robert and Lindsay met at a fitness class at Auburn University in August 2007, according to her Instagram account.
The pair have three sons together with the youngest just four years old. He proudly mentions his children in his own Instagram profile which reads: ‘Dad to the trio!’ 
Robert played for Auburn University between 2006 and 2008 as a long snapper. He signed with the NFL team Atlanta Falcons as a free agent following his college career but he was let go in the first roster cuts ahead of the 2009 season.
Lindsay, a former cheerleader, was named Miss Houston County in 2005 and finished second in the National Peanut Festival pageant.

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