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Ohio couple killed by cops after hijacking a semi-truck while on the run, were both drug addicts who wanted ‘to die by cop’ – Elaine and Rodney Helman led police on a three-hour chase Wednesday morning, holding trucker hostage

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Bodycam footage shows horrifying moment Ohio cops fire hail of bullets at man and woman who hijacked a semi-truck with the driver inside as the fled police after a traffic stop

After a three hour chase the pair were shot by cops who rescued the semi driver and the pair held held hostage : Suspects die in hospital

The man and woman were pulled over around 1 am Wednesday for driving their old Dodge Caravan without rear lights in London, Ohio

The pair who identified themselves as Barbara Taylor, 51, and Rodney Taylor, 54, of Somerset, Ohio fled as officers were trying to confirm their identity

Cops say the pair misidentified themselves and fled, stopping at a truck stop to hijack the semi, taking it’s driver hostage, before continuing their flight

Hours later after a chase through several counties the truck was brought to a halt

The truck driver was rescued but the man and woman were shot and both died

Cops later identified the couple as, Rodney, 54, and Elaine, 51, Helman

Truck hijacker couple both died in hospital. They kidnapped a truck driver and led police on a three hour chase after being pulled over around 1 am for driving without rear lights or a registration. Cops shot the pair and rescued the truck driver

Footage from police bodycams captured the moment cops rescued a trucker held hostage by a couple who hijacked his semi-truck in the middle of the night and led police on a three-hour long chase in London, Ohio, before the pair were shot dead in a standoff in the early hours of Wednesday.
New footage shows a group of Ohio state troopers swarm the truck on Wednesday morning and exchange fire with the couple, who were in the cabin.
After the shootout, the truck driver – who appeared with his hands up wearing an orange t-shirt, shorts and socks – was rescued with only minor injuries as his abductors.
The yet to be identified as the suspects, 54-year-old man and 51-year-old woman, were pronounced dead in hospital.  While the pair told police at the stop that they were Barbara and Rodney Taylor, cops later identified the couple as, Rodney Helman, 54, and Elaine Helman, 51.

While the pair told police at the stop that they were Barbara and Rodney Taylor, they were later identified as a couple as, Rodney and Elaine Helman, both drug addicts who had fled from cops several times in the past

Footage showed a group of Ohio state troopers surround a hijacked semi truck without it’s trailer around 7.30am on Wednesday morning and exchange fire with the man and woman who had stolen it hours earlier

The incident began six hours earlier at 1am on Wednesday when the couple were pulled over in their Dodge Caravan on State Route 42, by an officer with the London Police Department for having no rear lights or registration.
Inside the car was the man, the woman, and a dog. Police body cam footage released on Wednesday evening showed the woman claim they had been at the emergency room because she had injured her eye.
‘I just poked myself in the eye, with the scissors,’ she could be heard saying. 

The trucker who was carjacked and taken hostage by the pair appears with his hands up in the dramatic video as cops fired more than a dozen rounds at the male and female suspect who were both killed

When the officer making the stop demanded the male driver’s license, the man claimed that he had his wallet in the woman’s bag, but that bag had been stolen. As he looked for items in the car he assured the officer he did not have a gun.
‘My social security, my license, everything was in that thing,’ he told the cop.
During the interaction the dog became increasingly agitated and restless, and both the couple and the cop attempted to calm it. 

When the couple were asked for their names, they misidentified themselves, according to a subsequent statement from police. They told police they were Rodney and Barbara Taylor of Somerset, Kentucky, born in 1968 and 1972 respectively.
As the officer tried to confirm their identities, the drove off in their van, which they subsequently ditched at a truck stop. At the stop, the fleeing pair hijacked a semi, with the truck driver inside, and continued their flight.
As the officer that initiated the traffic stop returned briefly to his cruiser, the pair kick the Dodge Caravan was turned on and took off, causing the officer to jump back in his patrol vehicle and give chase.
and drive off.
The London Police Department said it is not yet known why the couple fled and that his department had never dealt with them before. However on Thursday, Rodney’s younger brother, Richard Helman revealed that Rodney had suggested that he planned to go out by suicide by cops. Richard also revealed his brother and his wife were drug addicts who had fled from police several times in the past.

After the couple ditched their silver Dodge Caravan, they ran across the parking lot of a truck stop and the male suspect pulls a gun on the officer after a taser is drawn

Ten minutes later, the fugitives pulled into a truck stop by a gas station and abandoned their car before fleeing on foot across the parking lot.
The officer also exited his car and chased the pair with his taser drawn. The officer then exclaimed that the man had a gun and sought cover behind a parked car.
‘He’s got a gun,’ the officer was heard shouting as other police arrived at the scene. 

The pair hijack an unlocked but occupied semi truck, semi [photo], with its lights on. After twenty minutes, the truckjackers drive off in the semi, with its driver in the cabin

The flight of the hijacked semi truck was captured on video, as the fugitives pulled away from the truck stop at around 1.30am wit their hostage

Footage captured from the officer’s patrol vehicle showed the man attempting to flee with his trousers around his angles, causing him to fall over.
Police Chief Glenn Nicol said the man did not fire the gun at that moment, but that a live round was found at the truck stop later.
‘As the officer attempted to deploy a taser, the male suspect fell and pointed a handgun at the officer,’ read a police statement. ‘The suspect was able to flee to a nearby semi-tractor with no trailer.’
The couple both got into that unlocked parked semi, whose driver was in the cabin at the time.
Other officers from the London Police Department attempted to coax the pair out of the semi using a megaphone, but after about 20 minutes, at 1.30am, it pulled out of its parking spot, hitting a cruiser in the process.

Police surround and investigate the area as white smoke, which appeared to be tear gas, was fired into the vehicle

A chase across multiple counties ensued, involving state troopers and police officers, as well as deputies from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.
According to Nicol, the top speeds reached in the chase were between 60 and 65 mph.
‘Usually we try to not engage in such a long pursuit,’ he said. ‘However with the speeds and the seriousness of crime and with the abduction taking place we had to maintain contact with that vehicle.’
At around 3.20am the semi was brought to a halt and deputies attempted to negotiate the release of the driver, who was being held hostage by the couple.
Police said the chase ended at Interstate 70 in Montgomery County. 

At around 7.30am Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Special Response Team surrounded the truck and gunfire was exchanged 

Authorities negotiated with the two suspects over cellphone for about four hours before choosing to approach the vehicle to free the hostage. 
Footage showed how at around 7.30am Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Special Response Team surrounded the truck and gunfire was exchanged. Troopers returning fire struck hijackers. They were transported to the nearby Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. The woman was pronounced dead on arrival and at around 12.30am, the man was also pronounced dead.
The truck driver was also hospitalized but only had minor injuries – it is not clear if he was struck.
No officers were injured in the shooting and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating.

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