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My partner of 13 years refuses to completely sever ties with his married lover

My partner of 13 years is having an affair with a woman he meets on work trips. It started 18 months ago and they first had sex in the summer. I confronted him a few months ago and he admitted it. She is 14 years younger, lives abroad and wants my partner to be with her and her young children. We do not have children. Her husband doesn’t know of the affair, but they are separating on grounds of his behavior toward her – and apparently because he didn’t want children. I am heartbroken and feel betrayed. Things have been so good between us, though we have both experienced several losses and big life events. We have applied for counseling, but although he shows remorse, the affair goes on remotely and I don’t hear him say he wants to fight for our relationship.
Is it worth having counseling?
Should I just ask him to leave?
And how can I stay strong?

Readers what do you think she should do?

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