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Chinese justice in Nigeria

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Can you say the death of a thousand cuts …hmnn

Might be a case of callous indifference or covering your behind as a dispute over tardiness in turning on the electricity generator got a Chinese staff of a Nigeian quarry hot. Chang reached for a machete and attempted to behead a Nigeran colleague in Cross River state, Nigeria.

The victim Nsikak Tommy gave up his finger to save his neck
Credit punch

Eye witness accounts indicate Chang was apparently angered by Nsikak Tommy’s slow response when he was told to turn on a generator at the quarry escalated from insults  to  a water hose before resorting to the use of a machete when the victim attempted to flee

“As Tommy tried to escape from the assault, Chang chased him with a machete. He first deflated the tyres of Tommy’s motorcycle to prevent him from fleeing and tried to cut off his head. Instinctively, Tommy raised his hand to block the cut aimed at his head. In the process, the machete cut off one of his fingers. He was left in a pool of blood as he cried for help.

After the incident, owners of the Xin Xin Quarry, who also own two other quarries in Akamkpa known as Expanded and Fughou Quarries, left the the injured man unattended while they ferried the assailant to the neighboring city of Calabar.

“the other Nigerian workers at the quarry take victim for treatment at the Bakor Medical Centre in Calabar”. Chang was later arrested and released on bail.
Confirming the arrest, The state police stated that Chang was arrested but released on bail after they parties agreed to settle the matter.

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