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The Year of Politcal Campaigning Filled with Sharp Practices

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… Ted Cruz and others accused of even more sharp practices

Is this even legal? 

First the mailers and robo calls from the Cruz campaign telling voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race Iowa redirecting the Carson supporters to voter for him. Now this latest report of sharp elbows from Ted Cruz.

What other eye raising moves are to be expected and we are only at he second primary in a probably long, drawn out  primary season.


… Amazing how candidates on the campaign trail sanctimoniously threaten to march ino washington to stop “the excesses and law breaking of the Obama led goverment”, while burnishing their rogue portfolio in the campaign bus.


‘Cruz campaign accused of sending out official misleading fund raising mailers’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) 


Rainier Ehrhardt/Associated Press

Huffingtonpost reports the campaign sent new mailers masquerading  as official government business, promising the people a “check enclosed” when actually asking for money instead. These have been sent to residents of New Jersey,  Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire.

Some other campaigns have benn accused of unseeming practices including Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) presidential campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The difference is that they do not promise a check

Flyers sent by the campaigns


“But the check inside — which is made out to the Cruz campaign, not to the voter — is fake. The accompanying letter promises that a “group of generous supporters” have promised to match donations received in response to the mailer”.


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