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3 Days to Valentine, Ideas For the

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The 3 Days of Valentine 


 A wise man once said  “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”


 Valentine is a day we all get to experience both loving and being loved

Valentine ‘s day is upon in a couple of days.  If you have been ‘been’ busy at work or plain procrastinated to the 9th hour, you are in luck.


  Apple's Heavy Black Heart


 That said, here are some quick ideas to make up for not planning out a lovely loving Valentines day for you and you loved one. Each of these 3 ideas can be done starting tomorrow February 11 thus completing the three days of Valentine on February 14.


Day 1.  Give a dozen roses accompanied by 12 notes expressing your love in some way (or something like that).

Day 2. Give you spouse a box of gifts that are all red or have the color red

Day 3. Plan a dinner date or private party for two at “home or some place you both love” and sing or read a love song to them.

You get the idea.  Giving a bouquet of roses might work but putting a little more thought into how to express your love.

OOOh.  I didn’t forget perfumes and Louboutins or any other additional gifts hat can be done. 

Your company could be all the GIFT you need.  






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