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Teenager grew 10cm overnight in her sleep after a painful op to correct her curved

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Brave Sam Henson has shared her journey on Facebook

Diary of a curvy girl
The 14-year-old was suffering from a rare bone condition that led to a 55 degree curve in her spine

A teenager grew an amazing 10cm overnight after an operation to correct her spine. Brave Sam Hansen was forced to have life-changing surgery after her back became twisted due to a condition called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.
The 14-year-old was in agony after her spine began to curve so much so she was severely disfigured.
After being diagnosed she underwent surgery last June to correct the 55 degree curve in her spine.
The teenager from Tuakau, New Zealand, had two metal rods and 17 screws in her back. She has since been given the all-clear and left doctors became amazed at her speedy recovery.

14-year-old old Sam suffered with a 55 degree curvature in her spine

The shocked teen first discovered a problem at age 12 when she bent down to pick something off the floor.
“It was winter and she hit puberty and went into big, baggy clothes,” said her mum Kim.
“She bent over in front of me one day and we saw her ribs sticking up. She pulled up her shirt and it was like ‘oh crap.'”

This shocking comparison X-Ray shows the difference pre and post op

Since then the amazing teenager has shared her journey on Facebook in a bid to help others diagnosed with the condition.
“The curve is now just 20 degrees – which a lot of people live with, without even realizing,” Kim continued.
“As a mum you see them suffer and missing out on doing so many things – so to be able to be a typical teenager again…”

Amazingly Sam Henson has recovered from major back surgery in a year

Kim added that her daughter is now doing sport and is even landing on her back on the trampoline.
She said: “That part of her body is the strongest part of her now. It’s phenomenal.”


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