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Teen posing as a doctor arrested in Florida after giving medical exam to undercover cop

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Florida teenager masquerading as a doctor faces a third-degree felony charge for fraudulently practicing medicine.
-How’d he pull that one off?

  Fake ‘doctor’ was  arrested after giving medical exam to undercover copmalachi-love-robinson1

Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, masqueraded as a doctor in West Palm Beach. He claimed to use ‘natural treatments’ involving ‘air, water and light’. He was arrested after giving medical advice to an undercover agent posing as a patient


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Dr. Love-Robinson
Love-Robinson’s biography on the New Birth New Life website refers to him as a ‘well rounded professional’ and highlights his preference for alternative therapies

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On HealthGrades, a site that lets users rate doctors, his profile includes a personal statement that reads ‘I believe that if you restore your health the natural way and the right way you will be able to maintain that grade of health easier and more efficiently, why? because is natural [sic].’ His stated age on the site is 25. 

Malachi Love-Robinson5.JPG
Team: A promo image (left) shows Malachi Love-Robinson flanked by colleagues Michelle L Newsome (on the left) and Dr Sandra J White. Love-Robinson has been likened to fictional TV kid doc Doogie Howser (right)

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Love-Robinson may have felt his natural gifts were all he needed, but the authorities apparently disagree. 
He had been investigated and cited by health officials in October, according to the Palm Beach Post, and he now faces a third-degree felony charge for fraudulently practicing medicine.

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