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Horror!! wife discovers secret mistress and launches attack’ embeds meat cleaver in husband’s skull

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Woman loses it ….embeds meat cleaver in husband’s skull after discovering
his secret mistress

A shocking footage from China allegedly shows the aftermath of a huge row which saw a spurned wife attack her cheating husband.
The woman is believed to have discovered her husband had a mistress and before taking drastic and devastating action.
The man can be seen in a hospital with the large meat cleaver still implanted into the back of his skull.
He is about to undergo surgery to remove the large knife.
The man’s current condition is unknown.
Earlier this month shocking footage emerged from Malaysia of a man launching an attack on another man eating in a restaurant.

Live LeakMan seen with knife in the back of his head
Blade: The cleaver is embedded in the man’s head

The clip starts with the man zooming into shot on a motorbike, before he jumps off and walks inside while his friend stays on the bike with the engine running.

The attacker, wearing a white helmet , makes his first swing at the man but misses and smashes into a chair.
As the victim scrambles to his feet he falls down, allowing the thug to try to hit him again.


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