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Bearded British man flies to Germany using his girlfriend’s passport and NOBODY notices

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A British man who flew to Germany using his girlfriend’s passport only realized the mistake when he had arrived at his destination – having gone through security.

Man managed to board Ryanair flight from UK to Germany without anyone spotting that he wasn’t the woman in the picture


British man flies to Germany with his girlfriend’s passport and nobody notices …

Josh Reed, who is 6ft 3in and has a beard, traveled from London Stansted to Dortmund on a Ryanair flight with petite brunette Sophie’s ID, reports The Sun .
According to the 21-year-old, security at the gate only checked his boarding pass, meaning he only spotted that he had the wrong travel documents when he landed in Germany.
But at no point did anyone else notice that he wasn’t girlfriend Sophie Watkins.
Nightclub doorman Josh told The Sun: “We have different surnames and we couldn’t look more different.

Getty UK passport
Next time you’re flying, double check you’ve got the right travel documents

“It makes you wonder how easy it would be for people that look alike to get through on fake passports.”
A spokesman for Ryanair told Mirror Online: “Our handling agent at the boarding gate mistakenly failed to check the passport of this passenger, and Swissport have assured us that appropriate steps will be taken to prevent a recurrence.
“However, it is Mr Reed’s primary responsibility to ensure that he is traveling on his valid passport in compliance with Ryanair’s terms and conditions.”
Josh managed to get through security at the German airport using his driving license, and girlfriend Sophie sent his actual passport out via courier so he could fly home.
We bet he won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry…


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