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Teenager ‘stabbed man to death after being asked to leave house for having sex with his partner’

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 Callum Hackett

Murder accused: Callum Hackett is now 18
17 year old teen accused of murdering home owner, 42

He was allegedly caught with the victim’s girlfriend 

Victim asked teen to leave his house for having sex with his partner in his own bed


A teenager stabbed a man to death after being asked to leave his house for having sex with his partner, a court has heard.
Callum Hackett found himself at the home of stranger David Savage in Gosforth, Newcastle, during a social gathering.
The boy, then aged 17, followed Mr Savage’s partner, Donna Hawthorn, upstairs and had sex with her, prosecutors allege.
Mr Savage, 42, saw the pair embrace after coming back downstairs and asked Hackett to leave his home, the Newcastle Chronicle reported .
Newcastle Crown Court heard Hackett then returned, claiming to have left behind some gloves, and there was an exchange which resulted in Mr Savage allegedly being punched by the teenager.
It is alleged that Hackett then ran off, before arming himself with a knife, returning and stabbing Mr Savage to death in the street near his home.
Hackett, of Englefield Close, Kinston Park, Newcastle, who turned 18 last week and can therefore be named for the first time, denies murder.

David Savage Photo: PA
Stabbed to death: Victim David Savage

Prosecutor Samuel Green QC told jurors: “In the early hours of the morning on Saturday September 5 last year, a man called David Savage was stabbed to death in a street in Gosforth.
“Mr Green said: “The defendant had been invited to Mr Savage’s house.
“Neither Mr Savage, his partner nor the other friends had met the defendant before this point in time.
“There came a point when Donna Hawthorn went upstairs and Callum Hackett followed her upstairs.
“The pair of them ended up having sex on Donna Hawthorn’s bed.
“At some point a woman went upstairs, looked in the bedroom and saw them in some sort of intimate clinch.”

Photo: Newcastle ChronicleNewcastle Crown Court
Trial: Newcastle Crown Court

The prosecutor added: “When they finished and went back downstairs, Mr Savage saw the defendant and Donna Hawthorn embrace.
“Perhaps not surprisingly that caused a change in Mr Savage’s attitude.
“He asked the defendant to leave the house.”
Jurors were told Hackett did go but returned some time later saying he had left a pair of gloves behind.
He was told they were nowhere to be seen and prosecutors say there was an exchange which resulted in the teenager punching Mr Savage as he tried to escort him up the road.
Hackett, who said Mr Savage hit him first, then ran off.
But prosecutors say he was “not for leaving it” and allegedly returned a while later armed with a knife.

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