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Teen ‘possessed by devil’ suffers violent convulsions in church after ‘threatening to kill mum’

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'Possessed' girl has violent reaction when family try to take her to church
‘The young girl threatened to kill her mother with a knife and now has to be tied to her bed at night’

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A teenager feared to be ‘possessed by the devil’ dropped to the floor suffering violent convulsions after she was taken to church.
The parents of the young Honduran girl are now desperately asking for help to rid their daughter of these ‘evil spirits’ .
Disturbing video footage shot in Elán Reyes Flores, shows a 15-year-old girl rolling around on the floor and screaming agressively.
Two men attempt to hold her down as she kicks out her limbs violently.


'Possessed' girl
Photo: Cortesia
Distressing: The teenager writhes on the floor as her family attempt to pin her down

The mother of the teenager said the girl had left her a note threatening to “grab a knife and kill her”.
She also revealed that she has to tie her daughter down as she sleeps, according to La Prensa news site.
'Possessed' girl

Photo: Cortesia
Exorcism: The family believe their daughter is possessed by the devil

Her father, Wilson Ramos, said: “I’m surprised. I don’t know what has happened to my daughter.”
The family have now asked for pastors of evangelical churches to come to their house and pray for their daughter.


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