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Casino cameras record two women walk hand-in-hand with murder victim, 25, to his hotel room at Caesars Palace in Vegas before he’s shot dead minutes later – Cousins, both 20, charged with murder

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Two women walked hand-in-hand with murder victim, to his hotel room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas minutes before he was shot dead

Erika Covington, 20, and her cousin Arionna Taylor, also 20, were indicted on murder, burglary and conspiracy charges earlier this month

Surveillance footage from the casino captured two murder suspects walking and laughing with their Bryan Angel Altamirano-Solano, 25, on May 15

Erika15 minutes later Covington and Taylor, are seen running down the hallway with Altamirano-Solano‘s bag and were later recorded escaping in a stolen car

Altamirano-Solano, a native of Nicaragua seeking refuge in the US, was only discovered eight hours after the shooting by a member of the hotel’s housekeeping staff

One of the accused told police that she didn’t remember the night in question because of a previous car accident she was involved in 

The suspects Erika Covington, 20, [left], and Arionna Taylor, also 20, [right], appearing gleeful following their arrest. The cousins two were seen walking hand-in-hand and laughing with Bryan Altamirano-Solano, the man they are accused of killing just minutes later 

Security cameras inside of Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip caught the moment two suspects were seen walking hand-in-hand and laughing with the man they are accused of killing just minutes later. 
The newly released footage from KLAS shows Erika Covington and Arionna Taylor, both 20, with Bryan Altamirano-Solano, 25, in the early hours of May 15.
The suspects met Altamirano-Solano at the valet area of the hotel and casino before agreeing to accompany him to his room. 

The victim Bryan Angel Altamirano-Solano, 25, [photo], was a native of Nicaragua and seeking refuge in the US 

The trio can be seen walking down a hallway towards the victim’s room at 2:36am.
Just 14 minutes later, the casino cameras captured Covington and Taylor running back down the same hallway, with what authorities believe was Altamirano-Solano’s bag. 
Altamirano-Solano was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the chest.
The pair of 20-year-old cousins were indicted on murder and burglary charges earlier this month. At their first court appearance, both suspects entered not guilty pleas
The suspects were linked to the crime thanks by a bullet casing that was found in Altamirano-Solano’s room. According to police, that casing matched one that was found at a separate crime earlier that month in a domestic violence shooting where Taylor was a victim.

Erika Covington and Arionna Taylor, both 20, with Bryan Altamirano-Solano

Further investigation of Covington’s Instagram page showed that she was in Caesars on the night of the shooting and was wearing the same clothing that could be seen in the video. 
Police noted in their report that Covington and Taylor were tagged in the same Instagram posts.
Covington and Taylor are cousins. The pair were arrested on May 17 at an apartment.
During a search of the home, investigators found the clothing shown in the video as well as a Glock magazine. 
Other than Covington initially claiming in her police interview that she was not at Caesars on the night of the crime. When confronted with footage from inside the hotel, Covington requested for a lawyer and ended the interview.

The suspects Erika Covington [left] and Arionna Taylor, [right], appeared less gleeful during their first court appearance [photo]. Both pled not guilty 

Taylor said that she had a bad memory due to a car accident she was involved in and said the only things she remembered from the day in question were spending time with her mother, as it was Mother’s Day, and then going to bed at Covington’s home.
The suspect is also said to have told the officers that she had no other memories of the day and that the ‘detectives needed to do their job.’
Shortly after the shooting, police said that surveillance video caught the pair getting into a stolen white car outside of the Linq hotel and leaving the area.

Still from Caesar’s Palace casino camera footage shows the pair of Erika Covington, [left], and Arionna Taylor, [right], walking with Bryan Altamirano-Solano moments before he was shot dead 

A completely separate woman had booked the room. That woman told police that she met Altamirano-Solano on a texting app a week earlier. They arranged to meet up at the hotel for sex, she left to return home around 1:00am, police said. 
The woman said the victim is a native of Nicaragua and did not speak English. His body was not discovered until around eight hours after the shooting by a member of the hotel’s housekeeping staff. 
The suspects said that they couldn’t communicate with Altamirano-Solano and had to use a translator app to communicate. 

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