Egor Sosin, 19, son of Russian billionaire, killed his mother at the five star Korston hotel in Kazan, Russia in December
Police found body of Anastasia Novikova-Sosina, 44, in gruesome murder scene in hotel room
Cops called after Sosin found wandering corridor in only his underwear, high on hallecinogens
Sosin claimed mother gave him ‘pills’ which made him hallucinate

Egor Sosin10

Horror: These images of Anastasia Novikova-Sosina’s body in a blood-spattered hotel room after she was killed in the Russian city of Kazan have been shared with a local news channel
The teenage son of a Russian oligarch who strangled his mother to death in a hotel room with a phone charger, will not go to jail.
Egor Sosin murdered his mother Anastasia Novikova-Sosina  in a hotel room in the Korston Hotel in the city of Kazan, in the Tatarstan Republic that is located in central Russia in December.

The 19-year-old son of billionaire  Russian construction magnate Igor Sosin, has been found to be mentally ill by experts, and will therefore not be imprisoned.


Violence: The 44-year-old ex-wife of Russian billionaire Igor Sosin is thought to have been strangled to death
Pictures from inside the room show the body of Ms Novikova-Sosina, 44, lying across the blood-soaked double bed. 
Ms Novikova-Sosina, Sosin’s former wife, had taken her son to Kazan for treatment for his drugs habit, according to Russian media.
The teenager told police his mother had given him medication, which resulted in hallucinations.
‘I met with my mama for some medical procedures,’ he said.
‘She gave me some pills and later in the apartment, in our hotel, some unclear things started happening, hallucinations, as I am still feeling now.’  


Victim: Ms Novikova-Sosina, Sosin’s former wife, had taken her son to Kazan for treatment for his drugs habit, according to Russian media


Weapon: The authorities believe Ms Novikova-Sosina was attacked with a mobile phone charger cable


The 19-year-old son of billionaire Russian construction magnate Igor Sosin, has been found to be mentally ill by experts, and will therefore not be imprisoned 


Magnate: Billionaire construction boss, who co-founded the Russian chain Starik Khottabych, is known for his lavish spending 
Witnesses say that on the day of the arrest they heard mother and son arguing so loud that people wanted to call the police. 
The authorities were finally called when staff at the five star Korstan Hotel in Kazan called police after finding Sosin walking around in only his underwear on Saturday.
Police arrived shortly afterwards, and ‘found a young man strongly intoxicated with drugs’, a law enforcement source from the regional branch of the Interior Ministry revealed.
‘A woman with signs of violent death was found in his room,’ the source continued.
‘The police found out that the woman and the young man arrived from Moscow in the afternoon, rented a room, and in the evening the young man beat up and suffocated his mother during an argument.’ 
Images obtained from police by LifeNews showed his mother’s body lying on a bed stained with blood. 
They also show what appears to be the cable of a mobile phone charger.


Egor Sosin14 Sosin has since told police that his mother gave him ‘pills’ which made him hallucinate


Egor Sosin7 A source inside the legal department has said Ms Sosina-Novikova was beaten up before she was killed
Police have said they were investigating the possibility that Ms Novikova-Sosina had been strangled with a similar object.
On social media, Sosin said he was a student at Hult International Business School in London.
He said how he did not want to ‘depend on my parents’ and was ‘planning to become a millionaire’ himself.
Sosin Senior is famous as a co-founder of Starik Khottabych, a renovation and construction giant.
He is often seen on the Cote d’Azur resorts, playground of the rich and famous. 
Last year he bought a collection of dresses worth a few million pounds from Sharon Stone for his new wife.
In America, he several times rented a luxury house on Ox Pasture Lane in elite Southampton for almost £650,000, a property that boasting 10 acres, two pools and a 50ft water fountain.
He held a ‘swanky’ Fourth of July party at the property several years ago.
Egor has a sister called Taisiya, and he had been designing websites in the US.
In 2013, Sosin was reported to have paid more than £200,000 for Truman Capote’s 1958 typed manuscript of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.