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Newly wed killed her husband and then fed him to her dog according to police

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‘Russian-born newlywed butchered her German husband  and fed strips of his flesh to her pooch’  – Local Spanish authorities.
Svetlana Batukova killed Horst Hans Henkels at their home in the posh Spanish resort community of Cala Millor in Majorca

Svetlana Batukova and her dog

According to The Local, The animal lover, who regularly posted pictures online of her cuddling up with animals, then carved up his arm down to the bone, and fed pieces to their pet Staffordshire bull terrier, authorities said.
Batukova, 46, waited hours to call the cops and when they finally showed up, they found her standing next to a pool of blood from her dead, 66-year-old hubby. Police believe Batukova, a self-confessed cocaine addict, was high and that she may have drugged Henkels before the slaying, as he showed no defensive wounds.
They also noted that he had recently had surgery on his trachea, rendering him speechless. Batukova appeared in court for a closed-door hearing Monday to face murder charges. Authorities are still investigating what drove her to kill Henkels, whom she married after two years of less than domestic bliss.
The couple were known to frequently get into lovers’ quarrels, and local cops had to intervene on numerous occasions, according to local reports. And she allegedly approached a man in a bar about $57,000 to murder her hubby, according to The Daily Star. But she didn’t seem unhappy on social media — at least with her pooch — posting photos of herself planting a smooch on her dog’s head, while he licked his lips.

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