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Clinton Campaign Pulls The Voice Houdini on Press Corp: Clinton campaign blasts reporters with white noise machine so they can’t hear her comments at outdoor campaign fundraiser

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…’the more you see, the less you hear’ as campaign staffers ensure that reporters can’t hear exchange with donors

Colorado fundraiser for Hillary Clinton was held in an outdoor tent at the home of Gov. John Hickenlooper
Reporters gathered across the street and strained to hear the event
As soon as the band stopped playing and Clinton prepared to speak, white noise was blasted at the journalists
It disappeared when Hillary finished talking 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has come up with a new way to keep reporters from hearing what she tells wealthy donors. On Thursday in Colorado, journalists straining to hear her remarks at a Colorado fundraiser found themselves unable to listen in when white noise was blasted at them through a powerful speaker. The event was held in an outdoor tent on the property of Gov. John Hickenlooper.  Reporters could hear a band playing, according to CBS Denver’s Stan Bush, but the sound-camouflaging noise engulfed their ears before Hillary began talking.clinton_Houdini1

The band was later identified as Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  It’s common for candidates to speak with a microphone during outdoor campaign events, leaving open the possibility that a curious press could hear her. But not with Team Clinton on the case.  ‘Guess @HillaryClinton campaign dsn’t want reporters to hear fundraiser speech. Turned on a static noise machine pointed at us when she spoke,’ Bush tweeted.
‘Must have chose static noise as a privacy wall since they wanted to hold event outside in a public neighborhood,’ he added in another tweet.
Bush also tweeted video clips showing what the event sounded like before and after the white noise was switched on.


The Big Head Todd and the Monsters song ‘Blue Sky’ was Clinton’s unofficial campaign anthem during her failed 2008 presidential campaign, and was played as she came on stage to speak at that year’s Democratic National Convention.

The 2016 Clinton campaign has been criticized for limiting press access, including barring a journalist from fulfilling his duties as the ‘pool’ reporter during a May 2015 campaign swing in New Hampshire. Clinton aides also used a rope to physically keep reporters away from her during a July 4 parade.

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