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Savage feuding Mexican gangs leave five decapitated heads outside elementary school near South Texas Border

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WARNING VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT: Some people might find images in this article disturbing  

Mexican drug cartel leaves five decapitated human HEADS outside an elementary school just south of the Texas border as a warning to rival gang members

  • Two factions of the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas have been fighting for control of the Tamaulipas state capital of Ciudad Victoria 

  • In one week the Grupo Bravo faction beheaded five people as a threat to its rival faction Cartel Del Noreste or CDN

  • Three heads were left near an elementary school and two heads were left on a highway near a rural community 

  • Notes left with the heads warn Cartel Del Noreste and one of its leaders called 'Chucho' to stop murdering innocent people 

A faction of the Mexican Drug cartel Los Zetas has beheaded five people in one week as a way to terrorize a rival sect of the gang. The beheadings, which took place in Ciudad Victoria, the capital city of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, are a part of an ongoing feud between the two Los Zetas sectors.
The factions are fighting over control of Ciudad Victoria as the government tries to downplay the violence happening in the city.  As much as the Mexican government tries to hide the attacks, cartels are still carrying out executions, beheadings and shootings regularly, according to Breitbart News.


Five heads were left in the city of Ciudad Victoria, the capital city of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, in one week by a faction of the Los Zetas drug cartel as a warning to a rival faction. Two heads appeared on Monday and three more were left outside an elementary school on Tuesday  


The heads, two female and one male, left on Tuesday by Grupo Bravo, are believed to have belonged to lookouts for rival faction Cartel Del Noreste

The Grupo Bravo faction of Los Zetas left two coolers with three heads, two female and one male, outside an elementary school with a banner written in Spanish on Tuesday.
The warning threatens the rival faction Cartel Del Noreste or CDN and ‘to stop murdering innocent bystanders’, Breitbart News reported. It also specifically called out a man called ‘Chucho’, who is one of Cartel Del Noreste leaders in Ciudad Victoria.
One day before the three heads were left outside the elementary school the heads of two Cartel Del Noreste lookouts were found on Ciudad Victoria-Matamoros highway near the Olivo rural community.

32faa5d300000578-3530282-image-a-3_1460133012954Cartel Del Noreste and Grupo Bravo are fighting for control of Ciudad Victoria and have made gruesome attacks on one another 

A threatening message similar to the one outside the elementary school was also left with those heads on Monday.
Breitbart reports that lookouts line the main roads to tip off the cartel gunmen about rivals or military movements.
The fighting between the two factions has led to violence, the likes of which have never before been seen in Ciudad Victoria.
Breitbart Texas has been working with citizen journalists in order to report on cartel action south of the boarder.
Those reporting face extreme retaliation at the hands of Los Zetas if their identities are revealed. zeta-beheadings-640x480

In both instances Grupo Bravo left a note threatening Cartel Del Noreste and one of its leaders ‘Chucho’ and telling it to stop killing innocent people
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