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Thief returns £250 stolen from taxi driver with touching apology letter TWELVE YEARS after the crime

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 Taxi driver, Abubakar Lorgat, 49, had his wallet stolen in 2004 and lost a weekend’s takings. However he recently received an apology letter and five £50 notes in the post at his home

  • Abubakar Lorgat’s wallet was stolen in 2004 containing weekend’s takings
  • Had forgotten about the incident until received money and letter in the post
  • Taxi driver from Blackburn said the repentance warmed his heart
  • Thief said they were ‘really sorry’ and asked Mr Lorgat for forgiveness

A thief proved it’s never too late to make amends after returning stolen money to a taxi driver 12 years later.
Abubakar Lorgat, 49, had his wallet stolen in 2004 and lost a weekend’s takings.
However, the taxi driver said he had forgotten about the incident until he received an anonymous letter of apology and five £50 notes through the post at his home in Blackburn, Lancashire.
The thief wrote: ‘I am really sorry about this and hope you find in your heart to forgive me.’
The rare act of repentance has warmed the dad-of-four’s heart and has been praised ‘as the right thing to do’ by community leaders.
The former upholsterer, known as ‘Abu’ to his friends, had just started as a taxi driver and had left his cab in Blackburn town centre to catch a bus to his Little Harwood home when the incident happened.
He said: ‘I got home and found my wallet had disappeared with my licence and the weekend’s takings of more than £200 in it.
‘I don’t know what happened, whether I had dropped it and it had been taken or I had been pick-pocketed.
‘My wife Amina wasn’t very pleased as it was the housekeeping money to pay the bills and put food on the table.
‘It caused a difficult few weeks.’
Mr Lorgat said he was shocked to discover the envelope also contained five crisp £50 notes as well as the note.
The anonymous note read: ‘I inadvertently stole from you approximately 10 to 15 years ago.

‘I am really sorry about this and hope you find in your heart to forgive me.
‘I enclose some money to cover the money stolen from you.’
The taxi driver said: ‘I was really surprised to get the money back after all these years.
‘It warms your heart that someone can do wrong and then years later put it right.
‘I wish more people would do the same.’
Mr Lorgat plans to put the money towards his annual trip to see his elderly parents in Gujarat in India, make some donations to the local poor there and buy some treats for his children.
Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: ‘This is a rare, good and heartwarming thing.
‘We don’t know why he or she did it.
‘They may have been desperate but it was the right thing to do return the money, even after all this time.’
Dean of Blackburn, the Very Reverend Christopher Armstrong, said: ‘This is a lovely story which confirms your faith in people’s humanity. ‘It warms ones heart to see someone who did something wrong and who obviously had a guilty conscience repent and put it right. Mr Lorgat said he holds no hostility towards the thief and forgives the act.
He said: ‘I can assure the person who took it the money it will not be wasted.
‘I forgive him or her and it was very thoughtful.
‘They must have found my licence in the black leather wallet and then checked my address.
‘It was lucky that I hadn’t moved or that there was enough detail in the wallet to find me.
‘It was a bit of a shock but my wife was very pleased.

The incident took place when Mr Lorgat left his taxi in Blackburn town centre (pictured) to get a bus to his home in Little Harwood

‘It restores your faith in human nature.’ Inspector Abid Khan, of Blackburn police, said: ‘This is very rare, but heart-warming. ‘It is good to see someone putting right what they did wrong. ‘He or she probably committed an offence but it was a long time ago and it has since been rectified.
‘Not many people do this but it would nice if more people did.’
Cllr Pat McFall, who represents Little Harwood, said: ‘It’s good see someone responding to their conscience after all these years. It warms the heart.’

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