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30 Days, 30 Minutes, join the fun fillled challenge Day 2

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Assignment from Day 1, completed. I did some Pilates inspired exercises for 50 minutes. Let’s know in the comments section how you fared


Mental focus and discipline is our goal. One day at a time.

“…focusing on the fact that there is no replacement for a broken body, so we will concentrate on fixing what is broken and preventing further deterioration, finding balance and joy in the simple things of life.”

 Confession is good for the soul, so here goes

Not an SME (subject matter expert),  not a fitness expert neither am I a dietitian. I’m still trying to work through the snares of food and not being consistent exercising and the resultant effect. Just using common sense and research. I love food and love exercising after I get over the initial  bumps, aches of exercising after  long lay off.
This should be an interesting  journey hopefully with you ‘ll  by my side working at it and providing the necessary support, feedback, recipes ….
As mentioned inthe  post for day 1, we will be documenting our activities and uploading ……
The food factor: Exercising is good but watching and cleaning up and food intake is 80% of the work.
Today’s suggestion, weight training  for 30 mins. This quickens the process dramatically.img_1997

Do NOT skip this section!

Before you start the beginner strength training workouts, you need to know a few important things first.

Don’t Get Too Sore. Some soreness is okay, and likely to occur. Don’t go too hard early.  Get Stronger. Want to lose fat and keep it off and build a “toned” body? Fantastic! But to ensure that happens you need to improve your performance (i.e. get stronger) each time you repeat a workout (this should lead to quick results)
Take small steps and check in here every day.  Move at your pace and take things 30mins a time each day.  We will do a check on days 15, 21 the 30.
This is not a lecture so we’ll stop here. Work out with weights every other day. Have replenishing meal or drink right after your work out. Below is a suggested schedule for working out with weights.beachbody-blog-which-better-diet-exercise

Week 1
Monday – Workout 1
Wednesday – Workout 2
Friday – Workout 1
Week 2
Monday – Workout 2
Wednesday – Workout 1
Friday – Workout 2
If you don’t have weight’s use two make shift items from you pantry of equal weight to simulate dumb bells. They will still work
Today workout with weights, no weight? No problem. Go for a walk

See ya tomorrow…

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