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Excess makes for envious neigbours: Couple who cruise around town in their gold-plated Bentley infuriate neigbours over plans to install air conditioning units ‘fit for an industrial estate’ in their their $7M (£5million) home

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Italian football agent and his glamorous girlfriend – who drive around in a gold Bentley – has infuriated their neighbours with plans for an ‘industrial-sized’ air conditioning unit

  • ‘Rich kids of London’ post images of their luxury lifestyles on instagram
  • They have already installed a cinemaand sauna in a giant basement
  • But their plans for air conditioners on the roof have sparked anger
  • Council officers say the plans should be allowed with conditions on noise

Giovanni Santoro, 26, and his Galina Genis, 27, have built a reputation in the upmarket neighbourhood as so-called ‘rich kids of London’. They eat at gourmet restaurants, shop in expensive boutiques and holiday in the most fashionable resorts.
But the high-living couple’s latest plans for their $7million (£5million) home have provoked anger among locals, after they unveiled proposals to install large air conditioners on the roof of the four-storey Victorian home. 3336cf7500000578-3541982-image-m-73_1460729342918

Giovanni Santoro and his Russian girlfriend Galina Genis have angered neighbours in Notting Hill with plans for large air conditioners on the roof of their four-storey home

The couple have already installed a cinema room and sauna in the basement, to construction of which neighbours described as ‘digging down to Australia’.
Those who have lived in the area for longer than Mr Santoro and his glamorous girlfriend object to the positioning of the air conditioners and the noise they fear they will produce. Martin Edge, whose flat overlook the property, said the equipment was more suited to ‘a commercial unit or on an industrial estate’.
In his objection to the council, he wrote: ‘I can not think how any one who craves peace and quiet in their home, would allow external air conditioning so close by. I oppose the application as strongly as possible.’
Another local, Helene Cassaigne added: ‘At the moment if people are talking on the terrasse, and if I am in the kitchen the window being closed, I can hear all the conversation.
‘So probably I shall hear the noise coming from the air-conditioning equipment… I am not in favour of this new project.’
The plans were originally withdrawn in the face of local anger, but have been resubmitted to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
Officers of the local authority have now recommended that the air conditioning units be given the go-ahead, subject to conditions placed upon noise.
Ms Genis told London’s Evening Standard: ‘I don’t want to be involved in anything that makes the situation or the conflict with neighbours worse. I want to stay out of it.’

The couple, who also have a large basement beneath their home, have applied to install the air conditioners

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