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30 Days 30 Minutes Day 4 – tempting but don’t take the day off

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…have already tamed that tummy in my mind

Photo: puermoves

…dreaming of myself in these wonderful poses.

Day 4: Okay Okay, if Sunday is a little busy for you, church, food preparation for the week, quality time with the family …. Yes, Sunday can be a very busy day, no you don’t get the day off.

I’ll make it easy though, you get to pick whatever exercise come to mind. If nothing come to mind well ….. watch an exercise video, you’ll be surprised by how inspiring this can be.

Remember the idea for these 30 days is Discipline and staying the course. It is a marathon not a sprint.

Here are some of my go to exercises when all else fails. I think the instructors and pretty good.  No, I don’t know them personally neither I am benefiting  financially by spreading the word about their product.

Have a fun and restful day. Happy Sunday

...see ya tomorrow


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