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Freaky! Half-bearded man poses for truly bizarre mugshot after cops arrest him for cannabis

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Kevin Gibson’s bushy, one-sided face-fur and dreadlocks meant he cut an unusual figure when he was taken to the police station


Police have release images of one of the the weirdest mugshots ever taken.
With a truly arresting fashion decision, Kevin Gibson, 58, is sporting an unkempt, bushy beard – just on the left hand side of his face.
The other side is features fine white stubble, as Gibson shows in the side-on view taken by officers.
He also sports a set of dark dreadlocks which contrast sharply with his white beard.  The Florida man was arrested in Miami for allegedly possessing marijuana with the intent to sell on Tuesday.


Miami-Dade County
Gibson’s unusual shaving routine was revealed in a police photo

Kevin Gibson was arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana with the intent to sellHe is being held in a Miami jail in lieu of $8,000 bond. It’s not clear if there are facilities in the prison for Gibson to finish his shaving routine.
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