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‘It’s just cruel’: Ted Cruz lookalike says she is hurt by online comments comparing her to Republican candidate

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She won’t be voting regardless of whether Cruz turns out to be a relative  … but would meet him at the White House if he turns out to be a relative

The woman whose striking resemblance to Ted Cruz caused an internet sensation after she appeared on the Maury Povich Show earlier this week has said she would like to build a relationship with the politician if they really are related.
However, Searcy Hayes, 21, says she has been left hurt by some of the comments left about her online and describes many of them as ‘cruel’.
‘I do [feel overwhelmed] because of all the comments [on social media],’ she told Daily Mail Online. ‘I’ve been going down through reading the comments and everything.
‘It’s just cruel. All the comments they’re putting on there are just cruel. It kind of hurt my feelings when I looked at them.

Hayes, also revealed that she would like to meet Cruz one day and would love a trip to the White House should he be elected in November. The mother-of-one, who lives in a trailer home in Natchez, Mississippi, said this is the first time she has had her looks compared to a man but added that she would ‘take it’ if he becomes president.
Hayes’ brush with fame began on Monday when her appearance on The Maury Povich Show aired and eagle-eyed viewers spotted her resemblance to Cruz, 45.
She and boyfriend of three years, Freddie Green Jr, 25, were on the show to get a DNA test for their baby son Jayden Tyler, three months, after friends commented on the lack of resemblance between father and son.
‘See, we went to Maury at first because of our little boy in there,’ says Hayes. ‘He [Green] could not walk in Walmart without somebody saying oh, well he’s not yours.

Hayes says she won’t be voting regardless of whether Cruz turns out to be a relative or not – but adds that while she had never heard of him before, she had heard of Donald Trump

‘And that’s when we first come in there, to get the DNA results and find out he’s the father. After [the positive result], I said we’ve got to get our lives down and be with him. ‘Because I don’t want you [Green] walking out of that baby’s life or me walking out of that baby’s life. I said that baby needs a place with both parents. Not like some parents who don’t care.
‘I’m not like that. Yeah, I might have to struggle sometimes but I will do for my kid before I do for me.’
But while Hayes and Green, who now plan to marry, were preparing their fresh start, a photo of Hayes juxtaposed with Cruz was being posted on Reddit where it promptly went viral.
Hayes, who says she had never heard of Cruz before her fateful appearance on Maury, had no idea that anything was happening until her Facebook timeline began filling up with mentions of her name

3369928400000578-3552093-image-m-45_1461268217480 Hayes’ brush with fame began on Monday when her appearance on The Maury Povich Show aired 

‘Well, I was sitting in my room and I see all of a sudden, my name starts getting tagged and stuff,’ she said.
‘I was like, OK, what am I getting tagged in? What is there for me to be tagged it? Well then I looked through my Facebook and everyone was like, it’s the Ted Cruz lookalike.
‘It’s the long lost sister, the long lost twin of his or is it just Ted in drag or something like that and it made me shocked – I was like, how did I get to do this?
‘I mean, I’m still kind of shocked at it, amazed at it.’
Hayes, who says she doesn’t see the resemblance between herself and Cruz, was left even more baffled because there are none with that surname anywhere in her family.
‘I don’t have nobody with the last name Cruz or a president or anything and I’ve never thought that I could be ,’ she says.
‘Who’s to say though and if I am related to this guy, it’s the President! Out of all things, it’s the President!
‘So I’m kind of scared to find out that I’m somewhere kin to him because I’m sitting here like a normal American, he’s like the President up in the White House and stuff, and I’m like, hold up, are you kidding to me now?
‘I mean, I’d take it because family are supposed to stay together so I could go stay up in the White House.
‘I mean, I wouldn’t mind going [to the White House] but I’d have to get my money saved up and everything to go up there.’
Boyfriend Green is also excited at the prospect of potentially having a presidential in-law and says that although he had not heard of Cruz either, he would vote for him if he turns out to be a relation.
‘I’m hoping that we’ll find out the actual truth,’ he told Daily Mail Online. ‘If he ain’t kin to her… but if he is, she can grow a relationship with him.
‘Maybe meet in person, talk, get an autograph or something like that.’

The 21-year-old (above) said she had never heard of Cruz before her fateful appearance

He added: ‘If we found out he was kin, most likely we would [vote for him]. Because he’ll be kinfolk and you have to try to help a kinfolk out. ‘It would kind of be crazy because I’ve never known anybody that was kin to me to be in the White House but it would be kind of awesome.’
Hayes, however, says she won’t be voting regardless of whether Cruz turns out to be a relative or not.
‘I’ll tell you and I’m not being mean when I say this but if I don’t know exactly what they’re running for, what they did before running this time, I’m not going to stand up and vote.
‘I’m not going to stick my neck out for him [Cruz] because I’ve never known him.’
Asked if she would now be interested in finding out more about Cruz, she added: ‘I mean I am if it comes out that we are some sort of kin but if not then I’m not going to even worry about it.
‘I mean, I’ve heard of Donald Trump but I’ve not seen his politics or anything he has run for. I’ve heard of him, right before the election started and he was all vote for me, vote for me so I’ve seen the name and stuff.
‘But as far as electing anybody, I will not stick my neck out unless I know what you’re running for.’

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