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‘Sorry, My First Killing Was Clumsy’ – Two Brothers arrested. Accused of shooting deaths of their parents. Allegedly left cryptic note and carried on normal activities for the rest of the day

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 Hasib (left) accused of killing parents Shamima Rabbi and  Golam Rabbi 

San Jose brothers accused of shooting parents arrested

Hasib Bin Golam Rabbi, 22, and Omar, 17,  give different accounts of events

Both brothers are being held without bail.

Tragic  parents Shamima Rabbi and Golam Rabbi, allegeledly killed by their sons

Two San Jose brothers accused of murdering their parents are thought to have spent the hours after the killings at an anime convention. The brothers’ parents, 59-year-old Golam and 57-year-old Shamima Rabbi, both natives of Bangladesh, were found shot to death Sunday afternoon inside their Lucas Court home.
Hasib Bin Golam Rabbi, 22, and his 17-year-old brother Omar were charged Friday for the slaying, five days after their mother and father were found dead.
A note next to the bodies of Golam and Shamima Rabbi, 59 and 57, said, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy,” witnesses told local media.
Writing on the wall reportedly included the message: “I can’t be like you, telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them.”

Omar (left) and Hasib (far right) accused of killing parents Golam Rabbi and wife Shamima Rabbi. Found next to the bodies was a note that said, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”

Relatives worried after not hearing from the couple contacted their sons on Sunday, though they said that they were at Kraken Con, an anime and cosplay event held in Oakland, according to court documents.
Police were able to make contact with Omar Bin Golam Rabbi shortly after his parents bodies were discovered, though Hasib was not heard from until Wednesday night, when he was found an hour’s drive away in Tracy, Calif.
The older brother confessed to his father’s killing, according to documents seen by the San Francisco Chronicle, but said that a stranger had come into his home and made him do it.

Omar (left) and his brother Hasib Bin Golam Rabbi (right) have been charged with the murder of their parents in San Jose.

He said that he had not seen his mother killed, and also insisted that his brother was completely innocent. Omar supposedly told police that after his brother shot their father, he had closed a curtain and then killed their mother.
He told police that his sibling closed the door of the garage where he killed his father so that blood would not seep outside while they went to the convention.
Prosecutors are seeking to try the younger brother as an adult, however, after saying that the writing scrawled on the wall of the family’s home had “specific writing characteristics” similar to Omar’s. Both brothers are being held without bail.

The brothers reportedly carried on normal activities after the murders. They were seen attending the anime convention Kraken Con in Oakland.

Motives for the killings are not yet known, though NBC Bay Area reported that the parents did not approve of their elder son’s sexual orientation. This theory however, is being dicounted by members of the Bay Area Bangladeshi community who claim to be more tolorant of the gay life style, even if it is forbidden in Bangladesh.

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