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‘Rumble In The Cop Shop’: Cheating Cop Chief slugged by deputy whose wife he cheated with

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Chief constable Mike Craik (left) was allegedly punched after fellow officer Jim Peacock (top right) discovered he was having an affair with his deputy chief constable wife Carolyn Peacock (bottom right)

Chief Sup. Jim Peacock
, clobbered Mike Craik, his Chief Constable at a barbecue after discovering Craik had an affair with his wife, Carolyn

‘Police were called to the incident but no log was recorded’
Denise Aubrey, former head of legal services at Northumbria Police made the allegation at her employment tribunal for unfair dismissal

She’s claiming she was sacked for discussing an officer’s alleged affair.

A POLICE chief was punched in the face by a fellow copper at a family barbecue after it was revealed he was having an affair with his deputy police chief wife.
An employment tribunal heard how Jim Peacock, himself a chief superintendent with Northumbria Police, clobbered his chief constable Mike Craik after the affair with his wife Carolyn was uncovered.
It even resulted in officers from the local police station being sent to the event, it was claimed.
The affair came to light after Denise Aubrey took the force to tribunal when she was sacked for gross misconduct after discussing the affair in a meeting.
She said the fight, which allegedly resulted from a tryst between the now-retired Craik and Peacock was removed from police logs.
Aubrey says Northumbria Police were instructed to investigate the alleged 2007 incident and whether there had been a leak, but reported back nothing after no log was found.

Photo: NNP

Police Chief Superintendent Jim Peacock accused of punching Chief Constable Craik at a barbecue

Caught in the love triangle: Peacock’s wife Carolyn, said to have had an affair with Craik

Photo: NNP

But the fight between Craik (pictured) and Peacock was allegedly removed from police logs

Daphne Romney QC, representing Ms Aubrey, told the tribunal in North Shields, North Tyneside: “It is not simply a matter of whether two or three people were involved in a scuffle but also an investigation of how that was used in covering up and misleading a criminal investigation.”
Aubrey, who worked as the force’s head of legal services, accuses it of “unfair dismissal following a protected disclosure, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, victimisation and harassment”.
She went on to describe how she was subjected to rampant sexism at work.
The 45-year-old said she was once told after a presentation that “everyone was transfixed as they could see my nipples through my blouse”.


Denise Aubery at the Tribunal

Denise Aubrey, former head of legal services at Northumbria Police  made the allegation at her employment tribunal for unfair dismissal NNP  at King’s Court, North Shields where she is taking legal action against Northumbria Police, claiming that she was sacked for discussing an officer’s alleged affair.


Assistant Chief Constable Steve Ashman who was then ‘Gold Commander’

She also said she was bulled by Chief Constable Steve Ashman and subjected to rampant sexism during her time with Northumbria Police NNP
She added: “I had to put up with so-called ‘banter’ in which I was referred to as ‘sex on legs’ and ‘sex on a stick’.”
Aubrey also alleged that she was bullied by Chief Constable Steve Ashman, who was deputy chief constable when the allegations begin, and says she was “physically afraid” of what he would do.
“The physical effects of being bullied by DCC Ashman frequently caused me to experience disorientation, dizziness, hot and cold sweats, headaches, fainting, physical vomiting, palpitating heartbeats, lack of breath, seizures and pains in my chest.
“I became physically afraid of what he would do or say next. I was married to my job and it meant all the world to me and I was devastated by what was happening.”
The tribunal is expected to last three weeks.

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