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Final collapse of GOP: John Kasich to announce his departure from 2016 presidential race

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The last domino to fall: John Kasich, Ohio Governor announces the suspension of his campaign later today

Not un-expectedly, John Kasich is set to announce his withdrawal from the 2016 GOP field. According to NBC’s Andrea  Mitchell, this was revealed by one of Kasich’s senior advisers.

483208412-real-estate-tycoon-donald-trump-flashes-the-thumbs-up-crop_-promo-xlarge2Donald Trump: Once considered a wild card should win the republican ticket

It was not a matter of if, but when  after the Trump victory in Indiana last night which saw Trump’s closest rival, Ted Cruz, also supend his campaign. He is expected to make the announcement later today in Columbus Ohio.
Kisich’s withdrwal seemingly clears the last hurdle for presumptive nominee, trump to pick up the Republican ticket

aptopix_gop_2016_cruz-87057Ted cruz suspended his campaign last night
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