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Heather Meadows dies after cosmetic procedure at Encore Plastic Surgery, the controversial Florida clinic

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Heather Meadows, 29, from West Virginia dies from complications of cosmetic procedure at Encore Plastic Surgery in Miami-Dade County
Encore Plastic Surgery with a recent rash of severe disfigurements from their procedures is linked to Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, where a woman died from complications of cosmetic procedure
The practice has come under scrutiny due to these incidents
Some of the surgeons currently operating under restrictions
Meadows leaves behind son, 6, and newborn baby girl.
Heather Meadows, died from post procedure complications 

Police in Palm Springs, Florida are investigating the death of a West Virginia woman. The 29 year old woman was pronounced dead Thursday at Larkin Community Hospital’s Palm Springs Florida, Thursday afternoon because of complications during a cosmetic surgery procedure, according to police.

Encore Clinic

Police and federal authorities have charged others doctors affiliated with the clinics with attempted murder, kidnapping and prescription drug fraud. Some patients say they were discharged to recover at horse stables following their surgeries. Yet, the clinics’ doors remain open. And the patients, many wooed by ‘cost benefits’, online testimonials and sales pitches, keep coming from all over the country.

A ‘Thriving Practice’ by this cast of doctors:

Ismael Labrador:  Owner of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and president of Encore Plastic Surgery,  arrested and charged by Miami-Dade police in 2007 after a months-long undercover investigation discovered he was employing unlicensed doctors and allowing them to perform procedures, including vaginal reconstruction, on patients. Labrador later settled the charges, paying a $30,000 fine, performing community service and accepting a reprimand.

Osakatukei “Osak” Omulepu: who is currently fighting the state health department’s efforts to revoke his license for medical malpractice after the doctor seriously injured four patients in two days in May 2015, including Fowler, at Spectrum Aesthetics and Vanity.


Anthony Hasan: Pled guilty to federal charges of prescription drug fraud in December 2010. His patient, a 51-year-old woman, died in 2013 after he performed a butt lift procedure on her at Vanity.


Orlando Llorente: Arrested by Miami police in May 2013 and charged with attempted murder and kidnapping after he held his ex-girlfriend captive and waterboarded her for several hours over a Facebook message, according to the police report. The charges were later dropped but Llorente was hit with a domestic violence restraining order. Llorente works at all three clinics.

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