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Michael Ameri, high-ranking NYPD officer embroiled in the NY ‘Police-Cash-To-Play’ corruption probe commits suicide

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Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri, 44, Commanding Officer of the Highway Patrol Unit, Brooklyn found dead in his vehicle

Apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, at Long Island golf course
Questioned as part of massive ongoing NY ‘Police-Cash-To-Play’ corruption probe  

A high-ranking NYPD officer embroiled in a police corruption probe took his own life at a Long Island golf course Friday, police sources said. The FBI probe into graft among NYPD brass, which last month led to the suspension of 4 Inspectors, is suspected to be the motive behind 44 year old Inspector Michael Ameri’s apparent suicide. He was found dead at the Bergen Point Golf Course in West Bablyon about 12:45 p.m. Friday.
The CO of the highway Patrol Unit was found inside a vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head, officials said.
Ameri joined the NYPD in 1993 and was the commanding officer of the 78th Precinct in Park Slope, Brooklyn, before being named the head of the NYPD’s Highway Patrol.
His name surfaced in the ongoing federal police corruption probe and was questioned, but he was never disciplined, police sources said.
Nine police officers have been either stripped of their badges and guns or transferred since late March as federal investigators probe two Orthodox businessmen suspected of plying cops with lavish trips and jewels in return for favors like more police protection,
“I’m sick. … I’m literally sick to my stomach,” said one well-placed police source upon hearing the news. “I can’t believe it.”
In a statement, the NYPD said, “Earlier this afternoon the Suffolk County Police Department informed the New York City Police Department that Inspector Michael Ameri, Commanding Officer of the Highway Patrol Unit, was found deceased in his vehicle of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Babylon, New York. The Suffolk County Police Department will be conducting an investigation and we refer you to them for any further details about this incident.”

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