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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock threatened by Hackers Anonymous – will release documents linking him to prostitution after homeless row

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Mayor Hancock approved ban on illegal camping sites across Denver where many of the area’s homeless live

Anonymous threatens to release documents ‘linking him to prostitution’ unless he ‘restores the rights of the homeless’

Hackers Anonymous have warned a mayor to change the way he treats homeless people or they will release documents that allegedly link him to prostitution.
A new video – called Anonymous #OpBlackBook ‘A Call to Arms’ – speaks directly to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.
Denver’s mayor is told to “restore the rights of the homeless” and “resign as an elected official” as they allegedly hold proof he was a client of a prostitution ring linked to American football team the Denver Players in 2011.
Mayor Hancock approved a ban on illegal camping sites across Denver where many of the area’s homeless lived. The ban saw shacks and temporary places of shelter being pulled which the group say is leaving the homeless in danger.

michael_hancockMichael Hancock, mayor of Denver

In the video the voice says: “Greetings Mayor Michael Hancock, we have been waiting for you to respond for our most recent request, but we find ourselves growing impatient of your foot dragging.”
“We plan to expose what has been hidden for years.”

one-towns-poor-treatment-of-the-homeless-is-causing-massive-cyber-attack-anonymous1The group claim to have pages from the alleged Denver Players Club black book which contains the personal details of the mayor.
The Denver Players scandal broke in 2011 but while allegations were never proven Anonymous claim this was because city officials interferred.
The black book was said to be stolen shortly after the scandal broke.

one-towns-poor-treatment-of-the-homeless-is-causing-massive-cyber-attack-anonymousThe group claims to have ‘proof’ of the mayor’s involvement

The video continues: “With the powers of Anonymous bearing down on you and your corrupt cronies, it’s only a matter of time until we uncover the dirt you been trying to hide from the community you lied your way into leading, from the depths of your closet. No skeleton will be left unturned.”We are now asking for you to restore the rights of the homeless, nay, demanding, and resign as an elected official,” the group says.
“You have failed to protect those in vulnerable living conditions, you have failed your civic and moral duties as a public official, and you have failed those you purport to govern in your continual lapse of honesty.” The Mayor has yet to comment on the claims.

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