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Watch as road rage in Texas ends in free-for-all slugfest

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Street Brawling, Fiesta Texas Style!
Road rage run-in explodes into a full blown Texas street brawl, Saturday

An apparent case of road rage in Houston, Texas led to a violent street brawl on Saturday and an onlooker caught it all on camera. The footage shows a man and a woman, one the passenger in a white car and the other the passenger in a truck, outside of their vehicles arguing. The drivers of the two vehicles seem to be trying to diffuse tensions.

A witness told ABC affiliate KTRK-TV that the situation boiled over after the road ragers started to get back in their cars.
“When the white car proceeded forward, just a few inches, that aggravated the truck driver because he thought, ‘Oh no you’re not! You’re not going in front of me,'” Dao said.
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To pull ahead of the white car, the truck driver hit the pedal, zooming ahead and leaving his passenger behind.
The woman then headed over to the white car and, as she left, someone in the vehicle chucked a drink at her.
Then, the truck driver reappeared in the frame and kicked the white car’s grille.
That’s when the brawling started.
“I couldn’t believe it. As soon as he kicked the grille, I was like, ‘This is going down now,'” Dao said.
“I was thinking this is going to be bad. At that time, I knew because there’s physical damage now.”
The driver of the white car completely lost it, running at the truck driver and tackling him. The passenger in the car then jumped into the brawl while the woman stood in the middle of it all, screaming hysterically.
After some punching and kicking, the fighting seemed to die down and the combatants returned to their vehicles.
It all seemed to be over, but then the truck slammed on the gas and crashed into the front of the car before speeding off onto Interstate 290 West, with the car in hot pursuit.
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said there was no record of an accident reported.
What sparked the whole incident was the truck’s refusal to let the car merge, witnesses told the Houston Chronicle.

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