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Psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy – ‘Dr. Death’ allegedly killed 36, indicted on 3 murder counts

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‘Doctor Death’ Narendra Nagareddy, a Georgia Psychiatrist, arrested and charged with 3  murders
“36 patients died while being prescribed controlled substances , 12 confirmed through autopsy, resulted from prescription drug intoxication”

40 Federal DEA agents raid office and home. Close office, freeze assets

Faces 59 other charges of unauthorized distribution of controlled substances, including methadone and hydrocodone.

DA’s office have filed RICO civil action to seize Nagareddy’s assets

A psychiatrist Dr. Narendra Nagareddy, who was arrested in January for ‘running a pill mill’  is now in jail, accused of murder in the overdose deaths of three of his patients.

In the 28-page indictment it accuses psychiatrist Dr. Narendra Nagareddy of running a pill mill out of his Clayton County office.

 He was indicted for illegally prescribing dangerous and addictive narcotics without a medical purpose to three people which caused their overdose deaths.
 He also faces 59 other charges of unauthorized distribution of a controlled substance. Among the long list of drugs involved are methadone and hydrocodone.
 Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham-Lawson said his arrest will make the community safer.
The ‘Pill Mill’:  Feds raided the Jonesboro office of Dr. Narendra Nagareddy, now closed.
Agents with the DEA, the Clayton County DA’s office, the Clayton County Police Department and the Georgia Department of Community Supervision converged on Nagareddy’s office armed with a search warrant and an arrest warrant for the psychiatrist Thursday morning. They later moved on to his home to seize more assets.

“He’s charged with prescribing pain medication which is outside his profession as a psychiatrist and not for a legitimate purpose for the patient,” said Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson.
“He’s a psychiatrist in Jonesboro who has been overprescribing opiates and benzodiazepine and the last several years has had a multitude of overdoses and overdose deaths,” Clayton County Police Chief Mike Register told Winne.
According to legal documents, “36 of Nagareddy’s patients have died while being prescribed controlled substances from Dr. Nagareddy, 12 of which have been confirmed by investigators through autopsy reports to have been the result of prescription drug intoxication.”
“Former and current patients have admitted to obtaining controlled substance prescriptions from Dr. Nagareddy without having a legitimate medical need,” the documents said.

Victim: Audrey Austin went to rehab, battling postpartum depression and addiction. Within two days of discharge, she filled prescriptions for controlled substances from Dr. Narenda Nagareddy . Less than a week out of rehab she was dead.


In describing the arrest, DA Graham-Lawson said “What it means is there will no longer be prescriptions issued by Dr. Nagareddy that result in the deaths of any innocent people.”
The DA said those who died, two women and a man, ranged in age from 29 to 47.
 The youngest was Audrey Austin. Her mother, Ruth Carr, told Regan she died from a prescription drug overdose the day after she visited the doctor.
 She said her daughter was an addict and the doctor made it easy for her to get drugs.
 “It doesn’t get better with time. And I think that it’s been long overdue with the doctor. I knew he was doing (it) with people other (than) my daughter and I knew she wasn’t the only one,” Carr said.
 Mike Jones told Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus his wife, who died in 2013, and his son were patients of the doctor. He told Klaus that he never should have trusted the psychiatrist and that he prescribed medication that was not warranted.
 “I had no idea that our son had never been tested or anything. He was just given prescriptions,” Jones said. 802922181

He said Nagareddy prescribed his son with Ritalin and clonidine, but later learned his son was too young to handle the prescriptions.
“I was really, just basically furious because he was 3, going on 4,” Jones told Klaus.
Jones told Klaus that his late wife’s situation was worse.
 “The doctor in the ER flat out told me that her liver was just completely shot from years of pain medication, and come to (find) out, he was the one giving her pain medicine,” Jones said.
 Jones said he always felt like something wasn’t quite right when he went to appointments at Nagareddy’s office, but trusted him because he was a doctor.
 He now urges others not to do that, but instead to do their homework on any doctor they visit. Nagareddy is being held in the Clayton County Jail without bail.


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