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‘Her sexy instagram posting made me do it.’ Financier, Manuel Asension says he was forced to break into ex-wife’s apartment because her ‘hot’ social media post made him believe she was not in the country caring for their daughter’

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New York money manager, Manuel Asensio, 61, charged with breaking into ex-wife, Emilie Bosak’s apartment   defends himself
‘she posted a  sexy instagram photo [on a beach] that made me worry about  the safety of my 11-year-old daughter’

When he he made an earlier than scheduled stop to pickup his daughter, his former mother-inlaw was caring for the grand daughter. Subsequently, the financier was arrested and charged with trespassing and endangering the welfare of a child

demonic Former couple Manuel Asensio (insert) and Emilie Bosak (main and below) – engaged in legal slugfest for nearly a decade

Top financier Manuel Asensio and Model turned realtor Emilie Bosak had an iron clad prenup that laid out terms for shared custody and visitation for their now-10-year-old daughter, as well as a no-litigation clause to keep them out of court, When they wed in 2003,
But after the broke up in 2007, Bosak on three occasions between 2010 and 2014 filed claims of domestic violence. Asensio said in his court filings “Marrying [Bosak] was a risky proposition,” I had no clue  “she has such demonic capacities.”  Orders of protections were issued against Asensio, “which she then used to [fraudulently] gain custody of the child,” papers say.

asensio22n-9-web“Marrying [Bosak] was a risky proposition,” I had no clue  “she has such demonic capacities.”

Bosak then allegedly tried to shake him down for $2 million to split with their daughter — and at one point threatened that she “can make [his] life very difficult.”
“[Bosak] obtained information that showed her what to do to have [Asensio] arrested and how to use the arrest in an extortion plan,” the suit says. Though their divorce was finalized in 2013, the two have been in litigation ever since. In the latest chapter of the custody struggle
According to the former Bear Sterns employee,  he was forced to break into Bosak’s apartment because a sexy Instagram picture she posted online made him fear for his daughter’s safety.  Asensio, 61, who works as a money manager in New York, is charged with breaking into the Upper East Side home of his ex-wife Emilie Bosak on December 29 last year. But his lawyer Andrew M. J. Bernstein says Asensio arrived earlier than scheduled to pick up their 11-year-old daughter because of a provocative snap Bosak had posted online

That day, Asensio saw a picture of Bosak, a former model, posing in a bikini on the beach while smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. Concerned about who was looking after his daughter, he went past the doorman of the building and went upstairs to the apartment, his attorney says. Bosak’s mother was babysitting his daughter, but Asensio took the girl early. According to his attorney, Andrew Bernstein : “Mr. Asensio is an excellent father who loves his daughter very much. On the date of the incident, he committed no crime,”  “On the contrary, he acted as any responsible parent would under the circumstances. He did not know who, if anyone, was watching his daughter.”
Asensio was later arrested for trespassing, burglary and endangering the welfare of a minor child.

Bosak and Asensio before the 2013  divorce
asensio22n-6-webFormer model turned realtor Emilie Bosak
asensio22n-5-webAsensio and Bosak  are in court over defamation, making false statements and breaching the terms of their 2003 pre-nuptial agreement

Prosecutors claim he had refused to wait in the lobby as instructed – and had previously been told by his ex-wife that he was forbidden from entering her apartment.
Bosak’s attorney said Asensio’s ‘actions speak louder than words’.
In court papers, Assistant District Attorney Stephen MacArthur wrote that Asensio was ‘cursing and yelling’ as he banged on the door of the apartment – and allegedly accused Bosak’s mother of kidnapping the girl and referred to his ex-wife as a prostitute, the Daily News reports. All this took place while the child was present, he wrote.

Asensio and Bosak wed in 2003 before separating in 2007. Their divorce was finalized in 2013 – and he previously called their relationship ‘a marriage of convenience.’
In June last year, Asensio sued his ex-wife for defamation, making false statements and breaching the terms of their 2003 pre-nuptial agreement.
He also claimed she had ‘demonic capacities’ and had filed false complaints to have him arrested.
Bosak went to police three times between 2010 and 2014 claiming she had experienced domestic abuse at his hands, the New York Post reported.
She then obtained an orders of protections against Asensio, which he claims she used to ‘gain custody of the child’, the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit stated.
Asensio is next scheduled to appear in court facing charges for the December incident next week.

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