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Two pastors in ‘Child’ sex jam: Pastors Jason Kennedy and Zubin Parakh arrested in Tennessee in undercover prostitution sting

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‘..wonder what they have been teaching the kids in Bible Study as cops arrest 2 depraved Tennessee pastors for seeking sex with underage girls’

Baptist pracher Jason Kennedy, 46, agreed to pay $100 for 30 mins with two underage prostitutes, one was 15
Zubin Parakh, 32, responded to sex ad with 17-year-old

Zubin Parakh LifeHouse Church creative pastor Zubin Parakh.

27 men and 5 women including two male pastors were arrested in a police undercover sting operation in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Jason Kennedy and Zubin Parakh were nabbed for seeking sex with young girls instead of tending to the souls of their flocks, after answering an online ad to have sex with an underage prostitutes.
Kennedy, a 46-year-old children’s pastor for Grace Baptist Church, and Parakh, a 32-year-old creative pastor at LifeHouse Church, were among those arrested by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in an anti-trafficking operation, the agency said Friday. A police report from Kennedy’s arrest  said that he had agreed to pay $100 for a half hour with two girls, one of whom was 15.

Youth minister Jason Kennedy for Grace Baptist Church – One of the two Tennessee pastors  arrested in a prostitution sting

The Baptist preacher who is married and has three children was fired from his position and now faces patronizing prostitution and engaging in human trafficking charges that could land him up to 60 years in prison.
“The actions of the children’s pastor for which he has been arrested were part of his life outside the church, and we have received no questions or concerns related to his conduct within the church or its ministries,” Kennedy’s church said in a statement.
It added that a background check had been done on him before he arrived two-and-a-half years ago, and said that it was praying for the pastor’s family.
Parakh,  responded to a ad to engage in sexual activity with an undercover agent whom he believed was 17 years old. He was also charged with trafficking, and like Kennedy, remained in custody as of Saturday morning ahead of hearings on May 31. The fate of his job was not immediately clear, though his group distanced itself by saying he was only a volunteer.

The senior pastor of the Grace Baptist church,  Ron Stewart,  said he was shocked by the charges of children’s pastor Jason Kennedy in human trafficking sting.

References to him were stripped from his parish’s website, which had listed him as a pastor.
A previous page on the church’s site  said that he was gifted at music and “committed to seeing lives changed.” His social media profiles also showcased a number of performances where he sang about God’s love.
TBI’s “Operation Someone Like Me,” the anti-trafficking sting that led to their and others’ arrests made ads on that attracted more than 300 contacts, including more than 24 for an underage listing. Among the 32 people arrested were men charged with patronizing or promoting prostitution and five women charged with prostitution.


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