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Mayka Kukucova, Slovakian model who shot her Brit millionaire ex-boyfriend twice in the head has been found guilty of murder.

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Slovakian model who shot her millionaire British ex-boyfriend twice in the head in his Spanish villa has been found guilty of murder.

Mayka Kukucova, 26, was convicted of murdering gold dealer Andrew Bush, 48, at his Costa del Sol holiday home, then fled in his car back to Slovania

She staked out his Costa del Sol holiday villa for 2 days then ambushed him on arrival with his new girlfriend

Kukucova who had claimed ‘Self-defense’ broke down in tears as the GUILTY verdict was read out.

Facing jail time of between 15 and 20 years.

Mayka Kukucova was convicted of murdering millionaire ex-boyfriend gold dealer Andrew Bush
Mayka Kukucova being led out after the being convicted for murdering Andrew Bush

Kukucova shot the British millionaire father of one at his rented villa in Estepona, near Marbella in April 2014. She had sneaked her way into Bush’s rented Spanish holiday home on the Costa del Sol. The model hid out there for two days before the millionaire returned. She claimed that she was just picking up some belongings.

New girlfriend, Maria Korotaeva stepping into court

An angry Bush arrived home to find Kukucova waiting for him.
He was accompanied by his new girlfriend, Russain Maria Korotaeva 23,
Bush’s new girlfriend left the old flames to talk and sat in Bush’s hummer when she heard three shots. Kukucova shot Bush with a .38 revolver, left his body was left in a pool of blood in the villa and fled back to Slovakia.
A panicked Kukucova dashed from the scene of the crime forced Korotaeva out of  Bush’s Hummer and drove from the Costa del Sol to her home town of Nova Bosaca. She later handed herself into police and was extradited to Spain.

A transfer of affection to the young Russian beauty by Bush may have sent his ex over the edge

During trial proceedings, the court heard how the well to do jeweler had taken up with Mayka Kukucova after she began working for him, leading to the former couple being together for two and a half years. The relationship dissolved six months before Andrew Bush was killed.
Andrew Bush’s sister, Rachel, giving evidence at the trial, told Press Association:
Unless someone has had someone close to them be murdered, they cannot understand how it feels.
‘It was very hard to see Kukucova there in court, telling those lies.’
Bush’s only child, daughter Ellie Mason-Bush said: ‘He was my only parent growing up. He was the only person that I had.’
She said that even though he and Kukucova had split up, her father was ‘still supporting her and still wanted to help her’.
Maria Korotaeva, Andrew Bush’s girlfriend at the time, was sitting in the Hummer waiting for her partner as he was being killed. Giving her account of the night, she told the court: ‘I never imagined what was happening.
‘Andy had never said anything bad about her, just that he couldn’t be with her anymore.’
On Monday she she posted a picture of herself with Rachel and Ellie on Instagram with the caption: ‘Me, Ellie and Rachel Bush yesterday night in Malaga. We will do anything in our power to get justice.’

Mayka-killer7Bush was a man in his prime, but his daughter claimed Kukucova was ‘mean to him’
Mayka-killer3.jpgAlthough Bush had broken up with Kukucova she still stalked on social media
Mayka-killer9.jpgAfter the breakup, the entrance of the younger Maria Korotaeva led to stalking and murdur

In an emotional display to the court yesterday, Kukucova said: “I’m very sorry. I didn’t want to hurt Andy. If I could change anything I would never have defended myself.
“I was only defending myself. I was afraid because never in my life has anyone tried to kill me. I didn’t know what to do.
“If I could change anything I would. I would not have defended myself. Maybe it would have been better if I had died instead.”
The model has been held on remand in custody for the past two years. Even though her parents, Lubomir Kukuca and Danka Kukucova visited her in this time, they were not present during the trial or the verdict.

Mayka-killer5Kukucova alone in court during the trialMayka-killer11
Kukucova arrives in court for the verdict

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  1. THOMASS LUETHY // May 30, 2016 at 1:06 pm // Reply

    That’s not the truth!! I knew Andrew Bush. He’s an absolutely PSYCHOPATH – a quite intelligent one.

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