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Stephanie Inglis beats the 1% odds – British Commonwealth Games Judo Star Wakes From Coma After Motorbike Accident where she was barely giving a chance of survival

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Stephanie Inglis, 27,  British Commonwealth Games judo star left fighting for life after horror motorcycle crash, wokes from coma, reaches for her father’s hand.

Inglis  initially given just a 1% chance of survival after accident in Vietnam last month, still beats the odds

Stephanie Inglis7
Stepahie receives her medal at the commonwealth games

The 27-year-old was initially given just a 1% chance of survival after the freak accident in Vietnam last month.  Silver medallist Stephanie Inglis was initially given just a 1% chance of survival after the freak accident in Vietnam last month.
Ever the fighter,Stephanie from Inverness in the Highlands, has now responded to her family for the first time. On arrival at hospital this morning her parents, Robert and Alison, found her with one eye open.
Her mother asked Stephanie to blink if she could hear them and she did so, before reaching out for her father’s hand. The sport star’s supporters are celebrating the latest milestone in her recovery.

Stephanie Inglis1
Stephanie In Vietnam

A post on the SaveSteph Facebook page said: “Today has been filled with extremes of emotion for Stephanie, her parents and family.
“Upon arrival at the hospital this morning they found Stephanie with her left eye fully open and watching what was going on, when she saw Robert and Alison she started to move her face. Alison asked her: ‘Stephanie, if you can hear us and know we are here, blink’, and she did.
Alison told Robert to hold her hand and as he went to do so Stephanie lifted her hand for Robert to take it.

Queen's Baton Inverness Drumnadrochit
Stephanie Inglis with Commonwealth games torch

“And then Stephanie began to cry, I can’t comprehend what this must of done (sic) to her parents on one hand the joy they felt was extreme, on the other they have never felt such sadness.
“They wanted to know if she was in pain, and had so many other questions to ask but instead they just told her she was ok, she was going to make it, they were there for her and so are many other people who are fighting this fight with her.”

Stephanie Inglis8
Images of the gofundme page. At the last count the Fund for the njured Judo, Star Inglis Tops £120,000

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