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‘I’m sexually attracted to my mom’: Man declares attraction for long lost mother but her GOOD sense saves the day as she turns down his amorous advances

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Shane Burke, 19, adopted at 5, used Facebook to track down his birth mother Rose Bestall, 35

Shane admits ‘I’m sexually attracted to her’

Rose, married mother of 4 – “I told him I loved him ­unconditionally as his mum but our relationship could never be anything else”


Rose told Shane she only wants a mother-son relationship

Shane Burke, 19, has confessed to being sexually attracted to his long-lost mum. Shane was adopted out by his teenage mother Rose Bestall, who at 15, accidentally fell pregnant for her boyfriend who was also 15.
The Manchester resident, used Facebook to track down  birth mother Rose Bartel, after being apart for 13 years, but he ended up developing romantic feelings for her.

NINTCHDBPICT000243887252Shane expressed the desire to become his mother’s lover

After an emotional reunion, Shane became “confused” about his feelings towards Rose and “developed romantic feelings”.  Rose who was forced to give up her son to Social services  because she was “too young” only to see him put up for adoption when he was five, said the the declaration of love left her with a “massive dilemma”.
“I knew Shane’s feelings were completely inappropriate but I had searched for him for so long and I didn’t want to push him away again.”
However, “I told him I loved him ­unconditionally as his mum but our relationship could never be anything else.”

NINTCHDBPICT000243887249Shane finds his birth mother Rose

Rose, from Ashford, Surrey, became pregnant with Shane by accident aged just 15, with then boyfriend John Smith, who was also 15. Now 35,  Rose is married to Darryl, 33, they have four other children . She eventually lost a custody battle when the courts ruled that Shane was already settled with his adoptive parents.

Happy family: Rose and husband Daryl

Shane felt “incomplete” during his life and always wondered about his birth parents. He was given his parents’ names by his adoptive mum and dad, but was blocked from contacting Rose via Facebook due to her privacy settings.




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