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Arizona Woman Ran Over Boyfriend With Car After Learning He Was HIV Positive

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Misty Lee Wilke, 44, slamming into her boyfriend on a Phoenix street  sending him flying over the hood of her Mustang, all captured on neighbor’s webcam

Wilke claims recent sexual relationship victim, who laughed, telling her he had HIV, attacked her with a knife during ensuing arguement

Victim suffered fractured vertebra and severe head injury 

Driver arrested, indicted for attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

ariz hiv driver2
The man is seen riding his bicycle on the street
ariz hiv driver3
A speeding red mustang ploughs into the rider

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured an Arizona woman driving straight into her bicycle-riding boyfriend, a collision that seriously injured the victim .
The incident was captured on a neighbor’s security camera, showing the man riding a bicycle in Arizona before a Ford Mustang plows into him, causing him to fly over the hood of the car.

Seen above, the video shows Misty Lee Wilke, 44, slamming into the victim on a Phoenix street. The impact sends the man over the hood of Wilke’s 2012 Ford Mustang.
ariz hiv rider1.png
Misty Lee Wilke

The red vehicle is then seen driving off before two bystanders appear at the scene as they attempt to help the man. He gets up on his own and tries to walk, but falls over a block wall and into a yardThe impact caused him to fly over the hood of the car, landing on pavement Her boyfriend survived the incident but was left suffering a fractured vertebra and severe head injury.

ariz hiv driver6
Sends him over it’s hood

Investigators allege that Wilke targeted the victim after learning that he was HIV positive. The April 29 incident left the man with head trauma and a fractured vertebrae.
Wilke, told police that she had “recently become involved in a sexual relationship” with the victim, adding that the couple argued after she learned of the man’s HIV status. “He was laughing at her and Misty admitted to pushing the victim,” according to a probable cause statement. Wilke told police that prior to the incident, he was laughing when he told her has HIV and attacked her with a knife

ariz hiv driver7
The car does not decelerate while man continues his flight
ariz hiv driver5
The man lands behind the speeding car which continues without braking.
ariz hiv driver8
A couple of bikers come up take a look at him and contnue without attempting to help. He later got up and attempted to walk off only to collapse into a nearby frontlawn

About 30 minutes after the incident, Wilke’s reportedly called police recounting what happened. She told police she had pushed her boyfriend after he pulled a knife on her. Police noted they found a small cut on her arm, according to KNXV.
She reported that she then got into her car and accelerated, hopping a curb and continuing through the park without looking.
Wilke was arrested and charged for attempted murder. She was indicted last month for attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She claimed to be aware she hit someone but did not know how her boyfriend ended up in front of her car.  As part of the police investigation, cops last month executed a search



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